Tips for using pictures on your blog

Pictures in your blog are very essential. Of course, the content is the most important factor, but with a good picture, you can catch the reader’s eye and he or she will be more willing to read your article. It also distinguishes your content from other similar content very clearly.


How to take pictures for your blog yourself?

Nowadays taking quality pictures yourself isn't as hard as it used to be. You can use a camera, but it can also be done with a phone. Taking pictures with a phone allows you to be more spontaneous, because you already have it closeby when a beautiful moment happens. Here are some tips to help you taking those pictures.

  1. Clean your lens: This is something you need to do first. Especially if you use your phone to take the picture, it's often covered in fingerprints because it's used often. This will make the image blurry.
  2. Natural light: Don't use the flashlight. Ever. It will cause nothing but trouble. Use natural light for preference. It will give the pictures a smooth flow and freshness.
  3. Click-to-focus: When you point your camera to the object you want to shoot, an rectangle appears. If you click on this, your camera will focus on the object.
  4. Tripod: If you don’t have a tripod, you can be creative and make your own. It will limit the shakiness of the picture.
  5. Avoid the zoom: The zoom of a phone is never as good as the standard setting. It makes it more blurry.
  6. Background: White will always look good. The best material to use is a foamboard, it will bounce the light and make it brighter.
  7. Angles: Play with different angles, untill you have the right one. Delete afterwards the bad ones, this will save you some space on your harddrive and some time, when you don't have to search for the right one every time.
  8. Handy apps:
  • Instagram: To connect with your audience and to share your work.
  • PicMonkey: This app has a lot of image editing features, but also let you use your own fonds, for your blog's consistency.
  • Lenslight: You can use this app to add some effects to your photos: lensflares, sun light, bokeh shapes, glows, light leaks, filters and lens textures.
  • Canva: They have the perfect sizes for everything, whether you want to create a facebookbanner, pinterest picture or a flyer.

Where to find quality pictures?


If you don't want to take the pictures yourself, you can also get them online. There are two kinds: royalty-free images and free images.

Royalty-free refers to a copyright license where the user has the right to use the picture without many restrictions after an one-time payment to the licensor. If you don't want to spend too much money, you can use these pictures only for your most popular blogposts for instance.

Free images you can find here:

How to use pictures in blogposts

  1. SEO: Make sure your photos have a decent file name and have the hightest quality possible, because Google will automatically index your pictures.
  2. File Size: It's obvious you want the best quality, but that doesn’t have to mean your file size has to be huge. Use a file compressor to make your file smaller without losing the quality. A few excellent websites for this are Compress jpg, Compressor and Optimizilla.
  3. Edit Images: Just a few minutes can make a big difference. Set some text on the main pictures as well, to help you stand out. You can also use this one for Pinterest.
  4. Be Creative: Make sure the picture represents your blog, but your brand as well.
  5. Pictures aren’t enough: Although pictures will be huge plus to your blogpost, the written content will still be the most important part of your blog.

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