Paid Opportunity: Get Paid To Blog. Today!

Female Blogger
Female Blogger

Are you one of those people that spends hours a day creating or just consuming social media? Do you ever sit and think about the fact you're constantly making other people money by doing so? How about turning the table for once and actually reaping the benefits of your creativity yourself? Small Teaser has made this possible by offering each one of its bloggers and publishers cash.

Maybe you've considered it before. Maybe you're the type to immediately downplay your initial excitement with a sceptical “I'll never be one of those lucky few to actually make a decent income writing blogs”. Since roughly 90% of bloggers will hardly make any move, ever, you weren't being a complete Debby Downer.

However, we created Small Teaser with the ambition to tackle the major blogging difficulties and affect those earning statistics positively: a community blogging platform that allows ALL content creators to earn a share of the ad-revenue.

Is this really going to make me money?

YES! We provide your articles with relevant, contextual advertisement (from our ad-network) that will generate ad-revenue based on the amount of views you receive. In other words, the more views (traffic) you manage to get, the more money you'll see flowing back to you. 50% of the generated ad-revenue is all yours.

It gets better though. You could also opt to use your publication's built-in ad-server and retain 85% (!!) of the ad-revenue the campaign makes. There are Small Teaser users that currently rake in over $4000 per month in profit using mostly the ad-server feature of our platform.

On the other hand, our ad-network automatically fills out any empty ad spaces, yielding you approximately $2 per 1000 views you generate. As your income is mostly based on traffic, you should try to push your articles as much as you can on all your social media platforms to increase your readers.

Male blogger light bulb
Male blogger light bulb

I'm intrigued, but are people going to care about my articles?

Stop worrying. Stop making excuses. Just because you think something isn't “breaking news” doesn't mean no one will care to read it. Your stories can literally be about anything you'd like. But do keep in mind that in order to attract as much traffic as possible, you're probably better off choosing a topic that can be useful to others or is very relatable to other people.

Although we obviously would welcome professional writers, bloggers, authors, and other experienced creators, we're actually aiming to attract passionate people. Passionate people that want to write! I personally think you should be like Nike and “just do it”.

Sounds great. What's the catch?

No catch! You have absolutely nothing to lose. This is all you need to do if you're interested (and absolutely motivated) to make money for your blogging efforts:

1. Head over to Small Teaser and click “Write”

2. Create your article

3. Share (to social media, forums, email, newsletter,..)

4. Earn

It's that simple, guys. We pay out our users once a month, and the minimum earning threshold is $20. This means that you'll immediately will see your earnings accrue in your wallet, but the payment will only be transferred into your bank account when you have generated at least $20!

Write. Share. Earn. Why wouldn't you want to join Small Teaser?

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