New features. New progress.

by Sasha Sadri
by Sasha Sadri

Hey there, I just wanted to take a quick minute to share some of the major updates our team has been working on relentlessly these past couple of months.

Trust me when I say that we've heard, read, and even felt some of the issues you guys pointed out to us while using our platform. It's impossible for our tiny team to detect every single bug and other interface-related “flaws”, so we're absolutely grateful to have received so much invaluable feedback from the community.

Anyway, let's get to the topic at hand; the improvements in this year's most significant update to our platform:

The editor

First of all, we've made great improvements to our story editor.

  • Stability issues have been addressed and have resulted in a more intuitive user experience while creating your stories.
  • We’ve fixed major bugs and implemented some new features. Formatted copy-paste should finally work properly!
  • You're now able to embed your social media posts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram right into your story; a feature many of you had requested!
  • You can now keep track of your story status at all times; no more wondering whether or not your draft has been saved or not. The status updates will show up real-time in your header.
  • Inserting and cropping images was simplified and the number of steps required to add pictures to your story has been reduced. We definitely heard your feedback and made sure the image selection process became more user-friendly.

The publishing workflow

Secondly, and perhaps of even greater importance to you, the content creator, we have streamlined the publishing steps. Creating your story and sharing it with the audience you deserve is now easier than ever. No more worrying whether or not your story was sent to the intended publication or not!

  • Automatically generated tags, based on your story’s content. Tags will help your story get pushed to relevant publications that might want to pick up your story (and share it with their readers!). It can also help you in search engine results.
  • The publication selection screen allows you to send your story to any publication you’d like. Our algorithm will automatically suggest some, based on your content. But you can also opt to manually search and send your article to a publication’s editor.
  • Editing teaser settings has become significantly more accessible and uncomplicated. Customize your settings for each publications separately!
by Sasha Sadri
by Sasha Sadri

Menu overhaul

Last, but certainly not least, our development team has worked religiously to put forth a visually much-improved user interface and a general user experience that aims to be trouble-free, intuitive, and effortless.

  • We have completely revamped the menu-structure. When working on your personal stories, you'll see your own avatar appear in the menu in the header. However, if you access a publication you started or perhaps you are a member of, you'll also see that specific publication's menu appear next to your personal menu. You dig?
by Sasha Sadri
by Sasha Sadri

In our previous versions our menu structure was, admittedly, a massive pain in the proverbial neck. You guys most definitely let us know how confusing it was to navigate through different publications, back to your personal publication, and vice-versa. We heard ya, got to brainstorming and came up with something you'll hopefully appreciate.

To say that we're looking forward to what you guys think of the new menu structure would be a massive understatement!

So go ahead and give this completely new and improved version a shot. Then do us a huge favor and shoot us an e-mail at to let us know what you think of the new features and where you believe we still need to improve!

Thanks a million.


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