How To Get 10k Article Views On Small Teaser

Increasing Views
Increasing Views

Here at Small Teaser we proudly promote the “publish together, earn together” motto. What that means is pretty simple: we want Small Teaser bloggers, as opposed to bloggers on most other platforms, to be rewarded for their content and incentivize them financially.

As we compensate creators based on their article views (currently $2 per 1000 views), it’s obviously pretty crucial for them to be able to attract enough readers to their published content.

People will often send us a quick message on the chat or via email, asking us how they can increase their article views. I’m afraid the answer isn’t quite the same for each and every one of our bloggers, but there will definitely be elements you could apply to your publication.

Allow me to give you a quick overview of what exactly could boost your article view count:

1. Produce fresh content

When you’re looking for inspiration or information around the web and find yourself covering a topic that’s already been written about a zillion times, you have to be conscious of how to use the data you’ve gathered.

Don’t simply copy paste content (unless the author has granted you their permission to do so) onto your blog; plagiarism is no joke!

Be careful and make sure to paraphrase as much as you can. Use the original source, but always add your own ‘twist’ to your interpretation. Give credit where credit is due and always mention the sources you used at the end of your article.

Why is this important? First of all, you don’t want any legal issues. Period. But aside from that, to have your personal touch shine through is a big asset for any content creator. It showcases your creative and writing skills! This can lead to your content going viral and that’s awesome.

The message here is basically be creative, yet careful!

Fresh Ideas
Fresh Ideas

2. Use the headline to catch your readers’ eye

An intriguing, eye-catching headline is important because, after all, it’s the first thing that a reader will look at. Your headline will make him or her decide if they want to spend the next handful of minutes reading your article

This is exactly the reason why you really should think thoroughly about the headline you will give your post. It should describe the article and give virtual passersby an idea of what the article will be about, enticing them to read your full post.

Getting your headline game on point is an absolutely vital step in attracting readers and stacking up your article views. Remember, your views will determine the amount of money you make.

The key here is not to rush; write down some headlines and scratch others. Don’t give everything away in the title, but tease your readers just enough to make it interesting.

To Read Or Not To Read
To Read Or Not To Read

3. Immediately share your articles on social media

Here at Small Teaser, bloggers earn 2$ per 1000 views. In other words, you need article views to make your money. Being a community blogging platform, we have social tools that will make it easier for you to spread your content, but you should pursue other avenues as well. Hard!

Where does one go to get people, friends, family, and even trolls to read your latest article? Social media of course! Using hashtags relevant to your niche, joining some of your industry’s main Facebook groups, or even contacting influencers to ‘plug’ your article can give a massive boost to your view count! The more people you try to reach, the more people will read it and increase your royalties.

Below each published Small Teaser article you can find the built-in share tools to share your articles directly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or have it published on another Small Teaser magazine.

Go be social!

Social Media
Social Media

4. Create awesome visual and textual posts

The key to spreading your blog around and expanding its reach is to find the perfect balance between blocks of text and visually high-quality content, e.g. pictures or videos. Browsing through some of the articles within the Small Teaser magazines (check the bottom of our homepage), it’s pretty clear that a wide variety of them use stunning visuals.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to add such visuals (images, pictures, videos, etc.) to your blogposts, as it greatly encourages your readers to finish reading what you wrote. Not only is your piece way easier to digest for a reader, but if you catch their eye with a cool or super fun creative post, odds are that they can’t wait until the next one; again, generating you those precious article views.

So, pay attention next time you post an article: incorporate relevant pictures or videos to your piece just after, left, right or under the written text part that it corresponds to, this way it can be watched in its full size.

Lastly, try to break down your post in different little pieces which you can provide with different headlines; this makes it more appealing, and digestible. The more the better! In the end, you should be focused on writing compelling pieces that can be read effortlessly, to make sure you’re maximizing your readership…and your earning potential.

Visual Graphics
Visual Graphics

This article was originally published on @sashasadri