8 Writing Tips To Increase Articles Shares

Not many people know this, but there is a proven recipe to write posts that users will like and want to share with their friends. And it’s very simple: do more of what works. Here are 8 tips you can follow to create the perfect blog post!

1. Use Your Unique Idea

It’s hard to come up with a completely new idea, if thousands of people out there have already written down theirs; ideas aren’t endless. So try to find the problems people encounter in your field and find a solution for it. You can also read the ideas of your competitors in that area, rethink their idea, improve it and make it your own.

Thinking of an idea
Thinking of an idea

2. Create a powerful headline

Address the problem you want to discuss or the topic you want to write about in the headline, so people know what they are going to read. Use captivating words and make sure you headline is no longer than 6 words, because usually only the first 3 and the last 3 words will be read (source). But more important than worrying about the length, is to make sure every word count. If you want more inspiration for headlines, check out this article.

3. Write a strong introduction

Explain what the article is really going to be about and why you want to write about this topic. Try to relate to your readers, it will help to create a bond because your readers know you have something in common. Another possibility is adding a statistic number, a question, an anecdote or a quote in your introduction.

4. Use quality images

Use images that relate to your content. It makes your blog look good, but it’s also very important that these images are qualitative. You can buy images on Shutterstock for instance, but if you are on a budget, you can find beautiful photographs on free websites like Pixels and Pixabay. Most popular bloggers use on average 2 to 3 images in their articles.


5. Create a clear structure

In order to transfer the message you want to bring, your content needs to be structured. You can break the text up in paragraphs, use bullet points, a headline and subheadlines.

6. Write decent length blogposts

The length of a post depends on the field or industry. The average length of a good blog post is 1100-1600 words. Overall, 74% posts that are read are under three minutes long and 94% are under six minutes long (source).

7. Interlinking

Bloggers suggest using 3-7 links per post. This way you can increase the traffic on your blog by referring to your other articles. Try to link the ones that are probably relevant for the readers of the article.

8. Call To Action

Call to action buttons
Call to action buttons

Your visitor has read your article and liked it. But now what? He can read a few other articles on your blog, leave and maybe never coming back. That's what you want to avoid. So make sure there's a button to sign up, subscribe, purchase… whatever action you want your readers to take.

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