Become A Blockbuster Blogger By Avoiding These 5 Common Mistakes

Ok, being a blogger isn’t exactly rocket science, but unfortunately there are serious mistakes you can make that will undermine your blog’s success. Even some of the greatest have been caught with some of the common little mishaps. You are going to make mistakes – and that’s totally ok, as long as you keep learning from them - but hey, why make the mistake if we’re here to tell you exactly what (not) to do?! So, without further ado: here are the top 5 most common blogging gaffes you must avoid!

Blogger Finding Solutions
Blogger Finding Solutions

1. Stop The Numbers Fixation

Aah, the numbers..isn’t that what drives us all? Nothing crazy about that because, let’s be real, we obviously want as many people as possible to read our blog(posts). Not only that, but we want to have people comment on articles, share them on their respective social media platforms, and help us go viral.

Unfortunately, however, most of us start our blogging careers with nothing to show for and having to build an audience, and traffic, from scratch. This takes persistence, effort, imagination and lots of time.

Here at Small Teaser we do have a loyal base of readers, but this doesn’t mean readers will come flowing while we sit back and relax. It is absolutely crucial to keep the creative juices flowing and providing your readers (or users) with content that is relevant to them. Why? You will have them hooked and coming back for more as long as they are receiving something that adds value for them.


So again, stop obsessing over the numbers. In most cases it’s more valuable to have a couple of thousand loyal, returning readers, rather than ten thousands of readers that’ll click your links, but don’t read past your title, let alone return to your future blogpost. The key is to keep the content fresh, creative and relevant (to your readers); respect those criteria and the numbers will follow.

2. Break The Silence

Instead of spamming every possible blog you come across - I will get back to later –thoroughly search and look for blogs that tickle your interest and actively get involved with them. Try and join the conversation and interact with readers of those blogs and, if possible, the bloggers themselves.

Sharing content with other like-minded people, who happen to be as passionate as yourself, can forge connections and this networks can lead to other (bigger) opportunities if you play your cards right. Small Teaser, for example, has a Facebook group you can join to share your latest articles, opinions and experiences.

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3. Make Friends Using Social Media

“Make friends using social media?” You’re probably wondering what the deuce I mean by that. Or you’re worried I’m stuck in the late 90s, early 2000s perhaps (shout out to Myspace!).

Joking aside, using social media in combination with your blog is a definite must and is vital to keep growing your audience and building a wider community. Share your blog as soon as you put it up on the web, and keep promoting it regularly throughout the various different social media channels.

Be creative with your hashtags, keep your niche and demographic time zones in mind, and don’t be afraid to straight up ask friends and family to share your content on their accounts as well! These quick and fairly easy hacks could well land you your first ten thousand readers.

Social Media
Social Media

4. Spamming Is Not Cool

I mentioned earlier how important it is to find and interact with blogs you are interested in, and especially how spamming them is not cool. For those of you who perhaps aren’t aware; what I mean by spamming is: going to other people’s blogpost comment section and pretty much running a full-fledged, shameless self-promotional campaign.

You’ll usually notice a short little message in the comment section from the spammer asking blog readers to visit his spammy blog. Don’t be Mr. Spammy blog! This strategy is disrespectful and practically always fails to achieve the initial goal: get people to read your blog. Ironically, it might even have a reverse effect: it will keep people from looking at your blog and nobody wants that, right?

Blog Spamming
Blog Spamming

Instead, if increasing your readership is the ultimate objective, you could perhaps offer to contribute to that blog as a guest blogger, build your reputation, and indirectly feed off the established blogger’s traffic. So go read some of the blogger’s latest posts, get to know what they are all about, and then perhaps drop them a quick (private, if possible) message. As long as you don't spam.

5. Put Quality First

Last, but certainly not least, and I cannot stress this enough: make quality content. It’s better to post two kickass blogposts a week, than to have four terribly dull articles and bore your audience to death.

Posting more frequently won’t necessarily get you more readers, but if you’re investing all this time and energy into blogging, make sure you ask yourself: “is this article any good? Is it inspiring? Fun? Creative?”. If the answer is yes, then by all means continue. If not, however, you should go back to the drawing board and see where you can tweak and improve your blog’s quality!

Anyway, make sure to leave us a comment and share your biggest blogging bloopers with us. Also, go check out for more interesting and helpful articles that'll help you build your blog!

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