Living with a broken heart!

In July 2016 my whole world fell apart, I lost the love of my life my best friend and the only person who really knew me, we have 3 beautiful children together all three of them has got brown hair and brown eyes and are as gorgeous as ever they are the only ones I'm living for, The day their father left me for another woman destroyed me having to move to another country because I thought out of sight out of mind. That hasn't worked either the truth is I can't move on or get over him my whole life has been a blur since we have broke up, we don't talk we don't see each other everything is broken and there's no way I can fix things because he has already got another baby on the way! No matter what I do where I go I always end up thinking of him and living with a broken heart. The most crazy thing about all of this is no matter what he done I will always love him and that will never change 5 and a half years spent together i will treasure them for the rest of my life, loosing the only person I ever really loved and cared about has broke me to the extent where I'm just living for my children because they matter more than me and my feelings towards their father. Loving him was the best thing I've ever done because the memories the moments my children he gave me a reason to live because he gave me my babies even though I'm dying in side I will always continue on for my children, living with a broken heart is the worst thing to live with because you know it will never end until your last breath my love for him is enternal and unconditional without him I just exsist for my children im nomore, I am now a body with nothing left except a shattered heart!