we are all slaves really

Whites and Blacks today are at a constant struggle with eachother over a problem that happened so long ago. Slavery, but if we can stop and see that we are all slaves to our government and come together to fix our problem of being kept stationary in a life of just enough, then we would be able to come together to solve the problem of this bigger picture. We all work and pay taxes and for most after we buy food and pay bills were once again broke. how are we suppose to build a greater future for our blood lines if the “man” is constantly making it impossible to see any forward progress? Meanwhile all these people that are telling us what we can and cant do are sitting in nice houses and on big bank accounts because of our hard earned money. we need to worry about problems like this instead of things none of us were alive to experience. we all bleed the same and we all have the same body parts. who cares what color the next persons skin is. We all live similar lives of slavery. Its time we OPEN OUR EYES!!!