The struggle is real

People wonder why so many kids these days are being diagnosed with some ki d of mental disorder. Severe depression being one of them. Doctors put their fancy words to play and make it out to be a.. “phase” or saying that its because of a troubled home. But if you think about it, would a child ever be extremely depressed in a troubled home if their was nobody else around? Would the child be able to know that they should be depressed? Or would their “troubled home” be normal to them and them not know that they SHOULD be depressed about there situation in life?? Wich brings me to my question??? Could it actually be the jugmental world that we have evolved into that is the cause of this depression our younger generation is falling into? If it wasnt for kids worrying about what the person next to them thought about their situation, and wanting so badly to fit into the norm of this world.. would their depression exist? So think about it next time you cast judgement on a person that is living a life that doesnt coincide with your beliefs, because that day you cast your judment, might just be a major factor in our younger generations psychological turmoil.

This article was originally published on doesthatreallyhappen