Ways to Beat Summer Headaches and Migraines

Summer and headaches go hand in hand. The moment temperatures soar high, there are chances that body will take its time to adjust to the extreme heat and you may end up experiencing headaches. Those who suffer from migraines are extremely careful not to tip off the delicate balance of their body to the side where any kind of sensory input becomes unbearable. Moreover, headache is only a symptom and then can branch off to sleeplessness, nausea, vomiting, restlessness and fatigue.

The most common causes of summer headaches and the Precautions to keep them at bay are:

1. Excessive exposure to sunlight

Excessive and continuous exposure to sunlight can trigger off headaches and migraines to those who are sensitive to it. Long hours under the sun puts stress on the nerves endings located on the either end of the head and in the front causing the blood vessels to dilate and resulting in a throbbing sensation.

Precautions: Keep away from bright sunlight and cover your head with a light coloured cloth when stepping out in the sun. Head scarves, caps and hats are essential items to protect your head from the sun. You should also wear sunglasses at all times to protect your eyes which can also get impacted under the direct sunlight and lead to a headache.

2. Dehydration

In summer months, we perspire more than usual and our body loses excessive fluids. This loss of fluids put the electrolyte balance of the body out of gear. Along with sweat, there is a loss of sodium too and causes terrible headaches and migraines.

Precautions: Keeping yourself hydrated in summer months is very important. Eat foods laden with water like cucumber, water melons and mangoes to keep your electrolyte balance in check. Make sure you drink plenty of fresh juices and water during summer months. While drinking water also, you must exercise caution to drink only RO water. Impure water adversely affects the body and cause stomach infections. Invest in a good RO purifier at this time to ensure that the water you drink is absolutely pure.

3. Excessive Sleeping

Summer months are lazy months when you feel like sleeping a lot. Excessive sleeping also causes headaches and dizziness.

Precautions: Follow a strict routine with restricted sleeping hours. At this time also take care of your diet and water intake so that you do not feel unusually sleepy.

4. Strong fragrance products

Strong perfumes, odours and colognes can also cause headaches. The strong perfume triggers the nerve system in the brain and causes allergic reactions like watery eyes and runny nose. These can ultimately lead to headaches and migraines.

Precautions: Avoid using strong fragrance products in summer. Go natural and wash your face and arms periodically to stay fresh.

5. Inactivity for longer periods

Summer months make you sit indoors and you avoid outdoor exertion. However, remaining indoors can also cause high level of inactivity and lead to headaches.

Precautions: Set up an exercise regime for yourself and make sure that you exercise regularly. You can exercise indoors at a gym or at home to avoid inactivity impacting you adversely and triggering off a headache.

It is also often seen that once headaches and migraines get triggered, they do trouble you frequently for some period of time. Exercising the above Precautions will ensure that you do not get into the vicious cycle of headaches and enjoy your summer months fruitfully.