Be a lady..

What I really can't stand are homewreckers. Man or woman, it doesn't matter! These individuals have no sense of self-worth whatsoever. They become “friends” with someone for only one reason, sex. Even when they hear that the person is in a relationship, they just don't care. I have no compassion for these people. Did they learn any values from their parents or are they just bad? Do they enjoy destroying relationships? Do they want to be hated? Even if the other person has trouble in their relationship, it does not mean they want you! What is wrong with the people of today that cheating and homewrecking have become the norm! I have had men come after me, trying to get with me but I ignored them because I had someone at home. Did this stop them, no it did not! The worse thing of all is these men were in relationship themselves! How sick can it get! Lying and decieving is ruling this world and that is wrong!

This article was originally published on ladyhonest