Cropped Trouser Tricks Everyone Needs to Know...

Fashion magazines often dictate what we should and shouldn’t wear and if we’re honest it can get a little tiresome. Fashion should be inclusive and suitable for all shapes and sizes and that’s why we’re loving the new cropped trouser trend. Don’t let the fashion mafia tell you that you cannot wear cropped trousers if you’re a little on the large size or too vertically challenged. With these cropped trouser tricks everyone is able to embrace this new trend and look amazing.

The Best Cropped Trouser Tricks You’ll Ever Read…

No matter which pair of cropped trousers you choose the best ever piece of advice that we can give is to keep it simple. Whether you opt for a slim-legged cigarette style or wide-legged palazzo pant style the general rule of thumb is the same. Keep it simple up top. Statement pieces always seem to make more of an impact when they’re not competing with other shapes.

There is something super breezy and casual about a pair of trousers when they are cropped above the ankle. It screams summer in the most stylish way possible and it’s super easy. Doesn’t matter if you choose a patterned style or plain colour, the most useful cropped trouser trick is to combine the lower half with a less fussy upper half.

Keep it Casual

For a light summery look then you can’t go wrong with a wide-legged cropped trouser with a crisp white shirt or t shirt. If the trousers are high-waisted then this looks super cute when you tuck in the tee and team with a simple pair of white pumps or summery flats.

The straight cigarette style cropped trouser looks gorgeous with leather flats and a simple tank top. This can work for the office too as cropped trousers make a dream team with a fitted blazer. The more simple you keep it, the stronger the look.

Dress it Up

This might seem like an obvious cropped trouser trick but to transform your daywear to more of an evening look then you just need to add a pair of heels or wedges. This instantly transforms the trousers into something a little more edgy whilst remaining easy-to-wear and bang on-trend. Another way to make this look work for the evening is to add a statement piece of jewellery. Nothing says confidence like a breezy pair of cropped trousers with a chunky geometric necklace.

We hope this fashion trend is here to stay as it really does suit all shapes and sizes. Not confident about your legs? Then choose a wide-legged style and wear with a simple tee or summer vest. Want a slimmer more fitted look? Then opt for the straight-legged style and opt for bold colours that make a statement. Have fun with this trend.

Experiment with patterns and colours to see what works for you. It’s going to be a long, hot summer so maybe it’s time to let those ankles breathe!