Red Bull Gaming Sphere just opened in the center of London, UK.

All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.
All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.

Red Bull has been investing in eSports since 2008. They are already well established in every focus group that fits their brand. They own a Formula 1 Team and New York Red Bull soccer team in the United States. They are the company that saw potential in eSports way early, and they have been investing ever since. At this moment they already have over ten different and well-established gaming events and tournaments that they host.

There is:

  • Red Bull Battle Grounds that hosts StarCraft 2 and Dota2
  • Red Bull Gaming ground - Dota2
  • Red Bull Kumite - Ultra Street fighter 4
  • Red Bull Clash Course - Destiny
  • Red Bull Team Brawl - HearthStone
  • Red Bull Player One - League of Legends
  • Red Bull Quest - again Destiny

Also, they haven't forgotten to invest in eSports players over the years. Some of them are mostly streamers that have a significant influence on massive viewership, but some of them are professional eSports athletes such as:

Soren Bjerg (Bjergsen) League of Legends - one of the most significant and most famous MID laners in North America.

Enrique Martinez (xPeke) League of Legends - this is a player that is most famous for his backdoor during one tournament finale, his dedication to that game and courage to do something like that is something outstanding. Red Bull loves players who take risks, so they offered him sponsorship.

Back to the topic. As we were saying, Red Bull, has officially launched the Red Bull Gaming Sphere, in Shoreditch, London. This is the second eSports community gathering place following the first who opened in Tokyo, Japan.

The goal is to host various events, tournaments, and competitions so that the regular gamers can have a chance to prove themselves and win great prizes. The sphere will also have regular workshops where professional players will give pieces of advice to beginners and share their experiences. One of the biggest news is that during tournaments there will be a colossal leaderboard that will continuously keep track of gamers rank, this way, players will come back to the sphere to boost their ranking by playing and practicing more.

The venue will be equipped with the latest technology gear, featuring ASUS personal computers, 16x PlayStation 4s, 16x Xbox Ones, 4x Nintendo Switches, 4x Nintendo Wii U, a couple of VirtualReality headsets, Fanatec racing wheels, Sim-Lab racing chassis and much more + noblechairs gaming seats.


There are already several upcoming events like:

  • Friday Night Brawl (League of Legends) on April 6, 13, 20
  • Quake Champions community night (Quake Champions) on April 8
  • Dota2 LAN Ladder (Dota2) on April 14 (12pm til late)
  • Winner Stays On (Street Fighter V) April 15
  • NUEL Finals (University tournament in the UK) April 28, 29

This is a perfect opportunity for Red Bull to seek and develop top-notch gamers and eSports professionals that in the future they can sponsor them and gain considerable influence in the eSports community. We can already see that a lot of young players from the United Kingdom are already on the BIG eSports scene like the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Epsilon that is ranked #51 in the world at the moment and has three professional players from the UK + a female gaming team.

What are you waiting, go and check the sphere and give us a feedback! Good luck & have fun!