WSOP pro poker player Fedor Holz invests in eSport teams Dallas Fuel and EnVyUs.

All credit to photographer/owner.
All credit to photographer/owner.

We all know that poker is a very energetic and passionate game, yes it can be passive at times, but professional gaming is the same. Yes eSport players have more movement with their hands, they practice aiming for vast amounts of time, so when the right time comes, the muscle memory kicks in and they score a head-shot and win the round/match/tournament.

[A head-shot is a direct shot to the head dealing approximately 400% of the weapon's base damage, usually resulting in an instant kill or massive damage to the target. Head-shots can be performed by all weapons except grenades and knives (in Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).](

But one thing these two sports/games have in common is thinking.

  • Analyzing opponents
  • Their movement patterns
  • Creating tactics
  • Practicing a lot, (really a lot of time goes to raw practice and training)
  • Perfect positioning to provide the best chance to score
  • Analyzing enemy tactics and their behavior

When we look at all these similarities, we cannot wonder why everyone is investing in professional eSport teams and gaming overall.

New Business Angel in the world of eSports is Fedor Holz, a 24-year-old professional poker player.

[A business angel is an independent and wealthy individual who provides capital for the development of a business. Typically affluent individuals, business angels (or angel investors) aim to help entrepreneurial individuals succeed with a business idea by investing their own money.](

Fedor Holz was born on 25 July 1993 in Germany. He is like we said a professional poker player who focuses on high roller tournaments. He has a lot of titles in his collection, Pocketfives ranked him as a best online MTT (multi-table tournament) player in 2014 & 2015, he won his first World Series of Poker bracelet in July 2016, cashing in $4,981,775 and he is currently ranked as a 5th live tournament player.

He invested in EnVy Gaming who is the parent organization of Team EnVy and Dallas Fuel. There is no information about how much Fedor funded, but there are speculations that one of his close friends is former EnVyUs Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Nathan NBK Schmitt. NBK introduced Fedor to the CEO of the company Mike Rufail.

There is a question why invest in eSport?

Well, eSport is a huge niche that is continually growing, and some tournaments' prize pool goes beyond several million dollars.

But the eSport community thinks otherwise. When Fedor won the WSOP bracelet, he wore the EnVyUs jersey. When the final interview conducted, he proudly showed the whole jersey revealing to everyone that he is an avid fan of this gaming team. He said that he likes to invest in things he is emotionally connected because that feels like he can contribute to something and also get the most out of it, he likes to watch the team play and he just wanted to be a part of that organisation.

One of his future plans is to develop an eSports courses led by NBK.

Fedor noticed that many of professional eSport players struggle with their mindset because they're really young and the pressure is enormous when playing in massive tournaments.

The plan is to incorporate these courses to the app Primed Mind he co-founded with mind coach Elliot Roe. The app has more than 200 mindset coaching courses and various recordings focusing on mental coaching.

The investment is here, and the mindset courses are here, we just wait now to see how EnVy Us performs in the future. GL from us here at Small Teaser.