The Truth About Holding a Laptop in Your Lap

All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.
All credit to owner/photographer. — by Unknown.

Since laptops and other movable personal computers have been created, there is a belief that people shouldn't hold them in their lap, mainly because they raise the temperature with their heating and can affect negatively on reproductive organs.

Medical experts, professors from some of the world's most known Universities answer this question. They all agree that ladies don't have anything to fear since their reproductive organs are inside and that they can freely hold a laptop in their lap while watching a movie for example or just lying around and working or just typing. On the other hand, guys and the fact that their reproductive organs are outside of their bodies can affect them in some way. The heath is the main thing affecting them, but that doesn't mean anything special, so both girls and guys can use the laptop while it is in their lap.

Still, one doctor gave advice (to be preventive), although nothing is scientifically proven, that men who are working on their “legacy,” shouldn't hold a laptop for a long time in their lap, just in case so that they can shoo away any doubts and suspicions. For now, nothing is proven but the fact that the temperature that the laptop fan is generating can cause some discomfort while holding the laptop in your lap.

Today's laptops are more technically advanced, and they are heating less, and by doing that they emit heath that is constant, but significantly lower than older laptops are producing. Also, the cooling systems and fan on the laptops are placed everywhere and on all sides of a laptop from the new generation, not just below them which lowers the negative influence of the heating on any part of the human body.

Still, if you want to avoid any possible complications and want to have a pleasant evening while lying down, eating popcorn and enjoying your favorite movie, you can use several things like laptop cooling pads that you can buy in any Tech store in your city, or purchase online via Amazon, eBay or Ali Express. They can significantly lower the temperature of your laptop + reduce the external temperatures. It also has several USB ports so you can attach an extra fan to chill you on hot summer days or add a reading USB light to help you type at night. Most of them have adjustable positions so you can set it up as you prefer and in 99% you get multiple year guarantees on those products. Also, one of the main reasons you should buy a cooling pad is the fact that they can lower the noise of your laptop. Lower temperature means that your laptop will not use that much power to chill its components giving you a less noisy and more enjoyable experience.

So, the bottom line is that there is nothing scientifically proven about laptops and their negative influence on the human body, so you can easily enjoy browsing the net or listening to music while your laptop is in your lap. But if you still have some doubts, just use a working desk or buy a cooling pad.