eSport fan buys CS:GO sniper rifle worth astonishing $61,052,63.

All credit to photographer/owner. — by All credit to photographer/owner.
All credit to photographer/owner. — by All credit to photographer/owner.

All of the eSport world, especially Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans were shocked by the news of an item of that rarity and price being sold. Most of the guns and knives (now skins for gloves) in this game are worth from $0,03 to 100+, but this transaction has surpassed all other records.

This rare skin is dedicated to Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player for team Cloud9 from the United States, ranked #3 on the competitive world ladder. When we say “dedicated” we mean the gun and the skin are signed/autographed by the MVP (Most Valuable Player), of that tournament. Skadoodle and his team won the ELeague Boston Major in a fight against Clan FaZe with 2-1 and won the total pool prize of over $500,000!

This skin, named Dragon Lore is one of the rarest drops in a series of loot crates called Cobblestone Packages, these packages drop during a Major tournament and other third-party events that are being sponsored by Valve to promote and rewards viewers. These boxes are called “Souvenir crates“, and as we said, drop when fans spectate games during a tournament, the crates can also include all sorts of autographs from players that reached the final stages of the tourney.

On the other hand, guns/rifles/snipers and other diverse weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has somewhat a factor of rarity called “wear/worn“. It means that some items are brand new and look all shiny and glossy, while others tend to be torn and with lack of graphics quality, just as in real life, anything can wear down.

These are the types of “item exterior state” you can get in-game from best to worst:

  • Factory new
  • Minimal Wear
  • Field-Tested
  • Well-Worn
  • Battle-Scarred
A weapon's exterior quality will not degrade over time and can never be changed.

The original seller of the skin is a passionate collector with a player nickname of “Drone“, bought the skin for about $35,000 and was not willing to sell it below $61,000.

SS from Twitter. All credits to owner. — by Vedran Vasic
SS from Twitter. All credits to owner. — by Vedran Vasic

Ok, a bit more about the skin..

It is a Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore, with Factory New wear awarded from the Souvenir Covert Sniper Rifle drop. It has 4 stickers: PGL (Gold) | Krakow 2017 - wear: 0% - Unscratched, Skadoodle (Gold) | Krakow 2017 - wear: 0% - Unscratched, G2 Esports (Gold) | Krakow 2017 - wear: 0% - Unscratched and Cloud9 (Gold) | Krakow 2017 - wear: 0% - Unscratched.

The skin was sold via OPSKINS website, specialized in online trading with items from games.

The buyer was hard to find, but the eSports community is very vast and skillful, so they found him relatively fast. The buyer is a Ph.D. Student with a plan to graduate in 2020; he has a Bachelor of Science from Cambridge University and a Masters Degree in Engineering also from Cambridge University. His in-game nickname is Legendary Blue, and he is also a passionate collector with 50k Subscribers on Youtube Twitch channel and a passion for betting on underdogs in professional eSports matches. At the moment he has over 2,580 items owned in his inventory.

You can check his profile HERE.

Now let's see what else you can buy with $61,000:

  • Mercedes-AMG C63 ~£57,841
  • Jaguar F-Type Coupe ~£47,581
  • BMW M2 ~£44,430

Or just simply buy a house outside of London and reap the rewards later.

We can debate for days on how to spend your money, was this a right thing to do, to invest that much money in “few pixels“, but we can not debate that eSports are snowballing as a sport and also as a vast marketplace.

We hope Mr. Legendary Blue is enjoying his item and fame&glory that goes with it. Congratz!