Raiders will be losing until they move to Vegas

by Josiah Williams
by Josiah Williams

The Oakland Raiders were once thought of as a team on the rise when Jon Gruden was hired. Sitting at 1-7, they are the worst team in NFL and are an embarrassment every time they step onto the field. At this rate, they continue to have losing seasons until they move to Las Vegas.

Gruden was given a 100-million-dollar deal over ten years. There is no way he coaches the Raiders for ten years. After a 34-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday, Gruden had an optimistic reaction. “We are building a championship football team.” Stephen A. Smith went off on that statement.

When a team has the worst record in the league, it’s difficult to see Gruden’s vision. They have no building blocks. The best players on the team have been traded.

Over the summer, defensive end Khalil Mack had the Raiders failed to agree to a long-term deal. Mack wanted to get paid more than Aaron Donald. Gruden said the price was too high. “I don’t believe we were anywhere close to what the Bears were offering.”

Newsflash, that’s what happens when you give your head coach $100 million. The Raiders clearly were making Gruden the face of the franchise instead of the players. Now they act like they didn’t have the money to pay Mack.

Oakland received two future first round picks in return. There is no one in the draft that will equal the talent of Mack. Stacking draft picks is not a recipe for success.

Think about the Philadelphia 76ers. They had a top-five pick for four straight years with losing seasons. Nevertheless, the 76ers had the worst record in the NBA. Building a championship team takes time. However, trading away prime time pass rushers for rookies makes no sense. Guys like Mack don’t grow on trees.

While the Raiders received draft picks, the Bears received a stud pass rusher who’s had five sacks and four forced fumbles. Mack has more forced fumbles than the entire Raiders team. Oakland is missing a pass rusher in a major way.

Recently they traded Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys for another first-round pick. While many would say that’s a great deal, the team is losing their best receiver over the last four seasons.

At this point, the Raiders aren’t even trying to win anymore. Their best players are gone and most players on the roster are likely on the chopping block.

The Las Vegas stadium won’t open for another couple of years. Meanwhile, Oakland fans thought they had a coach who was trying to win in the immediate future. Instead, fans will have to watch losing football until the move Nevada is official.