Oakland fans may have seen the last of Beast Mode

by Josiah Williams
by Josiah Williams

Marshawn Lynch might have to pull a Brett Favre and retire again. He’s been a bruising back for years but now his latest injury might be putting his career in jeopardy. Beast Mode better get ready for retire mode.

Lynch suffered a groin injury in the previous game. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Lynch is expected to out for at least a month. He has an MRI on his groin and Friday and the results did not look good. Rapoport explains the details further.

If Marshawn goes on injured reserve, his career is likely over. Why even rush to come back to the team? The Oakland Raiders look like hot garbage.

The Raiders are 1-5. They have the 27th worst defense and only a mid-level offense ranked 15th in the league. The most glaring stat is the fact they have the least amount of sacks. That might have something to do with trading Khalil Mack, their best pass rusher, to the Chicago Bears.

Why would Lynch want to come back to a sinking ship? He was brought to Oakland to resurge a team that hasn’t reach prominence since the early 2000’s. Last season the Raiders finished 6-10.

The glory days of Beast Mode are behind him. He hasn’t been quite the same since his success with the Seattle Seahawks. One of his biggest moments in career was an earth-shaking touchdown run in a playoff game against the New Orleans Saints.

Marshawn led the Seahawks to a Super Bowl in a dominating fashion. His running style brought energy to the entire team, especially the defense. They defeated the Denver Broncos.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the end in the Seattle came when the Hawks didn’t hand him the ball in crucial play in the Super Bowl. They chose to pass the ball and Russell Wilson was intercepted by Malcolm Butler in the end zone.

Lynch saw the writing on the wall that team was being handed over to Wilson. Similarly, he should be able to see the Raiders are going in another direction as well. Jon Gruden, their new head coach, has demonstrated through his actions that the team is rebuilding.

Sources told Rapoport that the Raiders are shopping wide receiver, Amari Cooper. They are seeking a 1st round pick in exchange for him. Cooper was once a 1st round pick himself and now he is somehow expendable. When a team lets go of their best assets, they are clearly looking to blow up the team.

Marshawn will have a lot of time to think about his decision to return to the team. He’ll be injured for a while and the Raiders will likely miss the playoffs. Nevertheless, the fans may have seen the last of Beast Mode.