Vontae Davis makes the most infamous decision of his career

by Josiah Williams
by Josiah Williams

LeBron James and his “Decision” was the most infamous moment of his career. An NFL player arguably made a worse decision in week two of the regular season. He decided to retire in the middle of the game.

The Los Angeles Rams took a commanding 22-point lead at halftime against the Buffalo Bills. Vontae Davis, the cornerback for the Bills, left the game and never came back. Not long after he left, he retired from the NFL. His teammates didn’t take his actions too kindly.

Davis has had an up and down career in the league. He used to be known as one of best cornerbacks in the game when he played for the Miami Dolphins. In ten seasons, Vontae made the Pro Bowl twice and was voted as a top 100 player by his peers.

Vontae’s career took an emotional turn when the Dolphins decided to let him go. He was informed of being traded to the Indianapolis Colts. The release was filmed on Hard Knocks, a documentary that focused on the team during training camp.

Davis had double-digit pass deflections in four of the six seasons with the Colts. He also has recorded 22 interceptions in his career. Unfortunately, injuries became a problem for him and was released one year ago.

At age 30, Davis walked away from the game and did it in the most dishonorable fashion. He could have retired before the season or waited until the game was over. When he walked out on his team at halftime, he disrespected the coaches and players. You don’t quit on your teammates like that. At the very least, finish the game.

From Vontae’s perspective, he walked out on his team but felt like he was doing what was best for him. He told his coaches he didn’t feel right and had to leave the game. Davis confirmed his retirement to the media and explained himself.

The timing of the retirement was terrible but at the same time, it was viewed as commendable but a few. Shannon Sharpe spoke on Undisputed and defended Vontae’s decision. One could say the whole team retired at halftime with the way they performed.

Davis leaving the league for mental reasons or physical reasons is perfectly okay. On the flip side, walking away at halftime is not a good look at all. He could have at least stood on the sidelines. This is will go down as one the strangest stories in NFL history.