Draymond Green suspended after heated exchanged with Kevin Durant

by Josiah Williams
by Josiah Williams

Draymond Green is no stranger to getting suspended. He’s been suspended for too many technical fouls or even making a dirty play against an opponent. However, the latest discipline comes after a verbal altercation with a teammate.

One night ago, the Golden State Warriors faced the Los Angeles Clippers. During the end of the fourth quarter, Green made a questionable decision with a few seconds left in the game. As he in-bounded the ball, he chose to dribble all the way up the court instead of passing it to Kevin Durant (KD). Durant was pissed off, to say the least.

The game went into overtime and the Warriors fell to the Clippers 121-116. Afterward, the rift between Green and KD continued in the locker room. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears, the discord wasn’t just between two guys. Other players had a problem with Green’s late-game decision making.

On that particular play, it looked like he was trying to set up other players and just turned the ball over. KD wanted the ball but didn’t like the decision making. Stephen A. Smith speaks about how hard it is to pick a side in this case.

Some witnesses described the closed-door exchange as one of the most intense in the Warriors’ history. Teammates argued with Green’s choice to not pass the ball to Durant in the final seconds of the game. Draymond stood his ground and defended himself. The room got louder after that.

Green challenged Durant about his impending free agency. He was clearly deflecting from the real issue at hand. Who is worried about free agency in the middle of a potential championship run?

On Tuesday, things simmered down in the locker room just before the matched up against the Atlanta Hawks. The Warriors suspended Green without pay for his actions the night before. He is losing about $120,000 for one game.

Draymond and KD have gotten into each other’s faces in the past. Shaun Livingston downplayed the incident. “Things like that happen in sports.”

Livingston is right. Players arguing with one another is not a big deal. They shouldn’t hesitate to hold one another accountable for how they perform on a nightly basis. At the same time, the Warriors may keep in mind of every interaction between the players when it comes down to who they want to sign to a long-term deal.

The Warriors can’t keep all the superstars next year. It’s financially impossible. Someone must go. Could Draymond be the odd man out?

Overall, the team loves Green’s energy and passion. They may also grow weary of his conduct on or off the court. The Warriors sent a message with the suspension that they will not accept what took place last night.