Dez wants to be a Cowboy again

by Josiah Williams
by Josiah Williams

Dez Bryant has been very vocal about how he feels about being released by the Dallas Cowboys. Now he appears to have change of heart. Should the Cowboys bring back Dez?

A few days ago, Bryant sent out a tweet that completely contradicted what he expressed in the past. “I would rather be with the Dallas Cowboys. If not, I’ll be ready to play somewhere else.” Can the real Dez Bryant please stand up?

Dallas executive vice president Stephen Jones talked on Sirus NFL Radio and pointed fingers at Bryant for Dak Prescott’s struggle. “Dak has to trust the system. I think that was a tough year with Dez in his ear.” Bryant didn’t take too kindly to those words.

Bryant didn’t take too kindly to those words. “Here we go with the scapegoat s—t? The issue was garbage play calling. Jones shouldn’t have thrown him under the bus. At the same time, Dez shouldn’t have his teammates for his release.

Sean Lee, the Cowboys best linebacker, strongly disagreed with Bryant. “First thing, to say that I can get anyone off the team and have any influence on the roster is absurd.” Travis Frederick echoed the same response and added: “he’s always been a good teammate to me.”

Dez even had a televised interview and spoke out against people within the organization. “I don’t mean to bash anyone. I think Garrett’s guys wanted me out.” He was implying the coaching staff and a few players on the roster.

When Bryant was released, it seemed like he wanted revenge more than a reunion. He expressed his desire to join the New York Giants. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Giants are not vying for his services. Stephen A. Smith was on First Take and discussed the topic further.

Besides the NFC East, Dez wanted to play with a contender. The problem is that hardly anyone is knocking on his door. The Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns are the only teams who have offered him a contract. Now it seems he would rather play for the Cowboys than find a new team.

The Cowboys should consider signing the former Pro Bowl receiver because he is better than the receivers on the roster. However, they must consider several things before coming to that conclusion.

Not many people know that he has been battling anxiety and depression. That is why he has turned so opportunities to work and has been waiting for the right time to play again. The Cowboys must ask the same question Dez should ask of himself. Is he physically and mentally ready to become the playmaker he once was?

Jerry Jones went public to put the questions about Bryant to rest. “If it were in our best interest, he would on the field for the Cowboys.”

Dallas has one of the worst offenses in the NFL. However, they appear to be determined to unlock the talent of their new receiving corp. Unless several receivers get hurt, Dez is unlikely to be a Cowboy again this season.