Kyle Van Noy Responds to Radio Troll Michael Felger

New England Patriots linebacker Kyle Van Noy has found himself in a war of words with 98.5 The Sports Hub radio hosts Michael Felger and Tony Masserotti. During their radio show on Wednesday, Felger attacked Van Noy personally.

I don’t like him," Felger said. "To me, it’s personal. I’ve never met him, but every time he opens his mouth I’m like ‘You are a tool!’ You are an ass. Every time I hear him talk I’m like ‘Where did that attitude come from? You suck. And if it wasn’t for this team you’d be covering punts in Detroit. You suck! Where do you get that attitude from?

Speaking with's Doug Kyed on Thursday, Van Noy says he has no problem with his on-field play being disparaged, but took issue to Felger’s harsh words of his character.

Me, honestly, I don’t really care if anybody ever says I’m a bad player, because everyone’s entitled to their opinion,” Van Noy said. “But once you come at my character, that’s what I got an issue with. Especially when I’ve never met you.

Van Noy believes Felger crossed a line by calling him “an ass” with a “bad attitude.” Felger, a radio troll, has made some pathetic comments in recent years—mocking the deceased Roy Halladay for dying in a plane crash, calling him a “moron” who “got what he deserved.” Back in 2016, Felger took offense to Boston Celtics center Al Horford missing a game to witness the birth of his child.

Masserotti also ripped Van Noy, but kept his denigration geared towards the linebacker’s on-field performance.

“Oh, God. Last year he sucked,” Masseroti said. “Please! And the year before he sucked even worse. It’s two degrees of suck!”

Van Noy has played for the Patriots since 2016. — by Winslown Townson/AP
Van Noy has played for the Patriots since 2016. — by Winslown Townson/AP

Van Noy, a 2014 draft selection of the Detroit Lions who is in the midst of his third season with the Patriots, opted to take the high road by inviting the two radio hosts to an upcoming fundraiser he is hosting.

“I’m going to extend an invitation for them to come to my fundraiser coming up and see what I’m really about.”

Van Noy and his wife Melissa are co-founders of the Van Noy Valor Foundation.