21st Century Dad

From the begining of time (most likely) men have been expected to provide for their families. Hunt, steal get a good job so that the family does'nt starve, that sort of thing. In the end, all the things that we must do as the male species are the same whether its legal or not.

Something that still isn't spoken about an awful lot in this century (regardless of all the media covering it lately) is mens depression. To constantly be expected to do better, to be better than everyone else. To be what society would label as a “Manly Man”. All these things and more are what drive men into depression.

Now, i'm not here to b**ch about society and how its screwed us over time and time again because its screwed everyone over one way or another. This is about a 21st century dad in particular and how the expectations of society and his nearest and dearest are sending him into depression.

My first entry will be up shortly but for now, i have a family to try and provide for.