Oppression of the Strong

She'll ask for equality, but will also ask to pay the bill

She'll ask for help,vanish when you need her ,Still

You'll go behind her,care, love, comfort her when she's ill,

She'll make love with you and also another man

Then make you pay for the kid of that man

You were wearing a condom,and

That man left her,you're her option,her second hand

She'll use you ,

You refuse She'll file abuse,

Accuse of rape and refuse to

Ever love you ,

But the man suffers ,burns

The world turns ,he works all day earns

But none has a shit to give no concerns

He pays and says am fine ,am a man

I'll do all i can ,all i can,

He bleeds never shows

He's injured he knows

But still goes ,to the battlefield

Just to get hurt again by these hoes

Men awaken, put.bitches on your toes

Love women not witches ,they're your foes

Fuckin pink cheeks,lip gloss,skin glows ,

Don't see that, see what physical appearance never shows

Coz men never cry,yeah we never cry

We keep the tears in our eye

We lie,we're fine

We bear ,cause ya'all don't care

And we don't need your sympathy,

Cause that's how it has always been

Every case that I've seen

A man hits a girl ,it's obscene ,mean,

But a man gets hit by a lady

It's gallantry ,bravery

Even though she was wrong

It doesn't take long ,

to spoil a Man's life ,to weaken the strong

This song

I made for all the guys out there

All the numb eyes out there

The hurt cries out there

Find a friend share

They'll care

Leave bitches

As Dr . DRE rightly said

They ain't shit but hoes and tricks!!