Sit to Head Down Front Flip Transition

When you finish learning basic Head Down and can fly Head Down by raising off the net with no assistance from the Instructor, you are ready to begin learning the transition from Sit flying to Head Down.

The Sit to Head Down Front Flip is likely the first transition that you will learn when wishing to move from orientation to the other. It should be the most natural transition to learn,  mimicking the movement from learned during your Head Down training, where you are forward transitioning your body to place your head on to the net, exposing wind to your front side. A front flip is usually the safer option when initially learning the transition to Head Down flight, so we recommend it as the first transition to master, in order to gain the awareness and ability to safely link Sit flying to Head Down flying together, ultimately working toward flying smoothly through every axis.


The primary objective is to be able to safely and successfully transition from a neutral Sit flying position through a front flip maneuver and finish in a neutral Head Down position in the center of the tunnel, without generating any lift or movement.


You will start in the center of the tunnel in a neutral Sit flying position. For your early transitions, your Instructor will manage the speed of the wind so it is strong enough for the orientations, although not fast enough that it will cause you to gain altitude during the movement. Your Instructor will be assisting you early on and will aim to keep you approximately waist to chest height above the net.

  • Begin in the center of the tunnel in a neutral Sit flying position
  • You should focus on rotating around your waist line; your upper and lower body should switch places
  • Initiate the transition by rotating your head forward and pushing your upper body forward and down toward your knees
  • Keep your arms spread out from your side for stability
  • As you start to rotate, ensure that your body stays small in a “balled” up type position, this will help you avoid any lift or drive
  • Ready to learn the rest? Check out the IBA Skills Page for the full tutorial!

Check In

  • Were you able to consistently transition without creating any unwanted lift or drive?
  • Are you ready to perform the transitions with an assisted grip by the instructor?
  • What techniques did you feel comfortable with and what can you improve on during the next session?

Visit the IBA Skills page to download the full lesson plan and to find post-flight evaluation questions and suggestions.