Belly Fly Superpositioning


As part of increasing you overall belly flying ability and to build the skills necessary to be able to perform some of the moves that have been developed as part of the 2-way, 3-way and 4-way dive pools, super positioning is a key ingredient. You will use a multitude of the basic belly flying skills, merging them together to fly one smooth movement which will have you start and ending in different positions in the tunnel/formation, a complex but fun set of drills.

Learning Points


Side-Slide & Turning (360º)

  • Begin on one side of the tunnel on a determined heading
  • First, initiate the side-slide to get moving
  • As the side-slide starts, begin a 360º turn
  • Ideally, once you are halfway across the tunnel, you should have completed half of your turn
  • Aim to keep visual contact with a reference point or another flyer if you have one flying with you. Once you are halfway across the tunnel and halfway around your turn, you will “head switch” so that as you continue the movement you can continue to keep visual contact with your reference.
  • As you approach the opposite side of the tunnel, you should also be completing your turn
  • Use the basic methods to stop the turn and the side-slide. You should finish on the opposite side of the tunnel that you started from, and should be facing the same direction
  • Continuously manage your body position so that you can maintain a constant altitude the entire time
  • Now practice going in the opposite direction


Side-Slide & Altitude Change

  • Begin on one side of the tunnel on a determined heading and low to the net
  • Begin with a side-slide toward the center of the tunnel
  • As you start moving, flatten your body position to begin an upward movement while still continuing to slide
  • Hold the two inputs until you pass halfway across the tunnel
  • As you approach the opposite side of the tunnel, you will need to stop your side-slide and maintain your arched position to maintain the altitude you finish at
  • This is a dynamic skill to learn as there are numerous variations with sliding left and raising up or sliding left and descending down. Try to learn all of the combinations and become familiar with all of them

Download the full lesson plan with images here.

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