The people of Vermont- The wilderness in the attitude and simplicity in the living

Vermont is a state of the USA that is renowned for its people and their lifestyle. Every state and country has their own standards of living but any state or region being noticed for the lifestyles in the world means that the region must have something interesting. Tennessee is known for its creativity, London is known for its Royalty and Kingdom rule. Like these states, Vermont is known due to its people and their attitude. Vermont could be called the other name of wilderness and simplicity. The people of Vermont live life to its fullest and enjoy every moment. But for things that are materialistic, they’re kept simple in the state of Vermont and thus they exhibit the combination of wilderness and simplicity in their life. Here are few of the things that are typically found in the people of Vermont.

1. They are total hippies

They are unconventional-looking people who have things on them that they like. They do not care about how they look to the world in sense of appearance they only care about how they look to themselves. They are hippies in not a lazy or boring way, but they are creative and innovative people. Ben and Jerry’s Ice-cream is one of the examples of the same.

2. Being Funny is their hobby

Unlike the world that focuses to people’s maturity and seriousness, the people of Vermont enjoy being funny and joking around with everyone. This has become the sign of livelihood that is found in the people of Vermont. For them, the world is a place that is to be lived with enjoyment and fun and anything is not important enough to cost them their happiness.

3. Tiny Houses and Cottages

Their houses are not big but their life is. They live simple and exotic lives. The life in tiny houses and cottages. Companies like Jamaica cottage shops and other make it for them and they use it for exhibiting their simplicity. They are people who prefer peace over luxury. This tells how simple they are and how they want to enjoy life to its fullest without getting attached to the materialistic luxury.

4. Vermont Haters are the motivation for people of Vermont to be more Vermontistic

Being the 49th out of 50 states in the USA, based on the population, makes people forget Vermont or use sarcasm while addressing it. But this is not a problem for the people of Vermont. The people of Vermont give haters no reply and stay focused on being a Vermontite. The Hippie attitude and simple houses provided by Jamaica Cottage shops make them chill and be happy in what they have got regardless of what people have to say about them.

Vermont could be another name for the blend of wilderness and simplicity. People out there are totally cool with what they have got and simple things excite them. Vermont is a place you would love to go once your my life to stay in cottages and tiny houses built by their famous builders like Jamaica Cottage Shops to feel the freedom and the I don’t care attitude!