5 Short Tips on Setting Your Running Goals for the New Year

by Sylvester Janssens
by Sylvester Janssens

Every 1st of January brings some great New Year’s resolutions along. A lot of people pick up sports – running in this case – setting high goals and promising great things. You might have heard or even said the following very recently: “I want to lose x pounds”, “I want to stop smoking and start running to improve my lung capacity“, “I really need to get fit”, “I want to run a marathon!”, …

This post will help you with some advice on completing those New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s resolution tips:

Tell the world about your commitment!

Tell everyone about your plans and ask them to check up with you about it from time to time. Be enthusiastic and convince friends to encourage you in completing your goals along the way. Nobody wants to look like a failure and if all your friends know about your objectives, it will be much harder for you to give up.

Set multiple small goals instead of 1 big goal!

Remember the feeling you get when achieved something you were trying to accomplish. It feels great! The good thing about setting multiple small goals is that when you achieve 1 goal, it will revive your energy into accomplishing the next goal. The road to 1 big goal is much harder than travelling the road with multiple smaller goals along the way.

Remind yourself about them!

Write it down in your calendar, set that reminder on your computer, write it down in big letters on some paper and stick it on the wall in front of your toilet. Make sure you remind yourself regularly to check up on your resolutions. Visual stimulation is not to be underestimated. Go and look for some images related to your goal and put them everywhere you can.

Log your progress!

Buy a small notebook, set up a blog; put it on your Facebook wall …Nothing beats the feeling of being able to brag about your progress, what you have achieved. When you are at the 1st of January 2011, looking back at the year that has gone by, you have living proof to show. We recently published an article about logging your workouts.

Just do it!

What are you waiting for? Act on your promises, put on those shoes and simply start running! Have you set some great running goals to accomplish this year? Start with tip number 1 and reply to this article about them!

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