Can Sky3ds+ work on Nintendo Switch in 2019?

Sky3ds+ is the best 3ds flashcard for Nintendo 3ds, but can it play 3ds games on Switch? if yes, how to use sky3ds+ on Switch? if no, how we can play nintendo 3ds games on Switch in 2019? I will try my best to give you answer here.

by angelamo
by angelamo

Can Sky3ds+ play 3ds games on Nintendo Switch?

Sky3ds+ is famous for playing free 3ds games on nintendo 3ds, 3ds xl, 2ds, new 3ds xl and new 2ds xl consoles. It is a 3ds flashcard developed exclusively for 3ds system handhelds. So it can't work on Nintendo Switch or Wii U or NDS, GBA and other video game machines. At the same time, the Nintendo Switch isn't Backwards Compatible, so you can't play 3DS games as well.

Currently, Sky3ds+ work on 3ds v11.9 to all lower firmware versions, plays 3DS games not DS games not Switch games.

How to play Nintendo 3DS games or DS games on Switch in 2019?

by angelamo
by angelamo

Firstly, there is 0 reverse compatibility on the Nintendo Switch even in 2019, Switch cartridges are a different size and shape, and are all read-only while most 3DS/DS cartridges have space allocated on the cartridge for saves. So you can't insert the 3ds or ds card to play on Nintendo Switch.

Then what we can do to play DS games and 3DS Games on Switch is using the emulator, NDS Emulator and 3DS Emulator.

DeSmuME-NX, the Nintendo Switch version of Nintendo DS emulator DeSmuME, was released on GitHub this week. It allows players to enjoy Nintendo DS games on the Switch itself. At this point, DeSuME-NX is more of a proof-of-concept as most emulated games are still running slowly (think 5 – 15 frames per second slow) on the system, but things are expected to improve over time.

Lakka, an all-in-one emulator, has been updated with DeSmuME cores to run Nintendo DS games. It’s said that most DS games are running full speed on Switch – no surprise given that the Wii U could play DS titles on Virtual Console, and the Switch is more powerful than Wii U.

As for 3DS Emulation Nintendo Switch, 6 months ago, a development that is probably going to hit a raw nerve of those working at Nintendo has happened – the Switch is successfully running Nintendo 3DS games.

A video shared by Reddit user SkullKidChrs shows The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D running on Nintendo Switch via Citra, a 3DS emulator. Unlike DS games, 3DS games have not reached full speed on Switch yet, so it may take some time to get them to run efficiently.

How to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch to use DS/3DS Emulator?

DS and 3DS Emulator for Switch can only run on this console after it's being hacked. So you must jailbreak the Nintendo Switch firstly to play DS or 3DS games on it, how to crack the Nintendo Switch easily in 2019? You can choose 2 different methods-Xecuter SX Pro or SX OS License code.

Xecuter SX Pro is a modchip kit for the purpose to run SX OS CFW on the Nintendo Switch. It is compatible with all firmwarse and all regions of the Nintendo Switch console. Xecuter SX Pro is also the most popular Switch modchip in terms of ease of use with the jig, the usb cable, and the RCM dongle.

  • Compatible with all regions and firmware (even newest version 6.2)
  • Play Downloaded/backup copies of your Switch games, every retail game card rom, no exception
  • Play Nintendo Switch Homebrew
  • Play Switch games in .XCI and .NSP formats
  • Support “Stealth” mode for using CFW with Internet-connected but not being Banned by Nintendo
  • Support “Emunand” for keeping your SX OS CFW separated from your original firmware.
  • Allows “USB Support” to expand your Switch memory and load XCI or install NSP content directly from any USB Mass Storage device.
  • Allows “Cheats” to use cheat codes when playing free Switch roms, and writes your own cheats code.

Xecuter SX OS License is simply just the custom firmware itself. In order to get full access of SX OS functions, it needs to be activated with a license that is checked against Team Executor’s servers. The activation process can be done online via your Switch or offline with a PC. If SX OS is not activated, it can only be used to play Switch homebrew.

Either have SX OS License or Xecuter SX Pro, you can get the best CFW SX OS on Nintendo Switch to play homebrew emulators includes the DeSmuME-NX. You can get both of them in, they are ON Sale and can be shipped from USA&EU. supports Paypal payment as well.