The goal of bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to make it easy for individuals to deal directly with each other without any middleman is one the main reasons for its increasing popularity.

The real question is…how will it cause massive progress in the performance of businesses?

The truth is…depending on the way the Blockchain technology is being used, there are lots of benefits behind it. Some of these benefits are just being uncovered.

In this guide, you will discover the top 5 ways Blockchain will change the face of innovation this year.

1. Price stability to the crypto economy

It is a well-known fact that cryptocurrencies are volatile. Hence, if you are faint-hearted, then, cryptocurrency is definitely not for you.

Havven, a Blockchain-based payment network is on course to set up a decentralized solution to price stability and thus, it will provide a practical cryptocurrency.

Through its dual token system, Havven is able to reduce price volatility.

The transaction fees made through the system is used for 2 main purposes:

· A pledge to the network

· Allow an asset-backed stable coin to be created. This is similar to the tether but it is not tied to the dollar.

For every transaction fee that is generated, holders of the collateral token are paid.

Also, the value of the platform will continue to increase as transaction volume expands.

The main goal of Havven is to allow people from any part of the world to transact with one another.

It is a unique addition to the crypto space which continues to be crowded on a daily basis.

2. Improve ICO marketing management

Essentially, this closes the gap that exists between traditional banking and Blockchain.

By standardizing initial coin offerings (ICOs) through an open multi-asset trading platform known as BlockEx markets, BlockEx allows ICOs to market themselves with ease.

The digital asset exchange platform (DAxP) powers the BlockEx markets. It is also responsible for the lifecycle of Blockchain-based digital assets such as insurance products, equity, debt, and cryptocurrencies.

6 major parts of the DAxP are;

· A digital asset creation tool

· An exchange

· Clearing

· Settlement

· Registry

· A brokerage software

Since DAxP is completely powered by API and it is permissioned, it makes it possible for features of the platform to be used independently.

Thus, its own product (the digital asset creation tool) or the exchange's matching engine can post the trade.

A panel of top professionals from various organizations such as the London stock exchange, EY, Lloyds banking group and innovate finance chose BlockEx as one of the top 100 influential Fintech companies for 2018.

3. Utilizes the power of Blockchain in traditional assets

Until now, tangible equity is represented on pieces of paper by buyers and sellers in Latin America.

However, through the use of Blockchain technology, LatoEx is making giant strides in the financial market industry of Latin America to cut off the current traditional practice.

The LatoEx platform is built on Blockchain and uses smart contracts to automate liquidation and make back-office processes simple.

Also, its investors are given enhanced safety and highly reduced fees.

In addition, by utilizing the strengths of Blockchain, it makes tools readily available to be deployed in traditional assets.

Anybody can become an investor in LatoEx's Andes platform except if you are a resident or a national of Brazil, Canada, China, Estonia and the US.

4. Creation of an attractive ecosystem of digital services for consumers

Selfllery is a Crypto-based photo sharing platform, it was founded by Vadim Onishchenko - a professional photographer.

True to its crisp slogan - “take photo - make money”, users can receive rewards in Cryptocurrency by posting their photos or any other visual content on the platform.

Selfllery is already being used by brands, bloggers and influencers to promote their products and services.

Also, Selfllery is not only gathering social popularity, it is giving back to the society. A minimum of 5 percent of the revenue that each user generates is given to charity.

The company also gives 10 percent of its revenues to charity.

As a user, you are allowed to customize your donation and if you choose to give back all your profits, you will be given an icon on your profile.

5. Creation of an online community where users get reward for assisting one another is a popular social-networking platform that uses Blockchain technology to reward its members.

It has over one million members and over 150,000 active users on a daily basis.

For members who are willing to help the community develop and grow, gives them bloom tokens which can be converted to traditional currency.

There are members who are already using the bloom tokens to either reward one another as incentive for providing content, support one another for various reasons or buy digital goods from marketplace.

As a matter of fact, this bloom tokens can also be spent in a peer-to-peer commerce.

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