Controlling the LETHAL Weapon.

Leaving the office and running hard to catch the last bus to home but thinking I couldn't get it. And on arrival to the bus stop seeing the back of the bus going towards the destination. It doesn't mean that what you thought was a reality, the reality is that even before starting a work you were having negative thoughts and the final outcome is on the same side.

The most lethal weapon which can make or break you is the mind and its thought. The thought process and mental weariness are closely related but we does see it that way.

by Sumit Malhotra
by Sumit Malhotra

If we keep on thinking that I am tired and environment  is dull, we will be bound by this view and anything we see will give us a sense of dullness and tired feeling. Going the other way, if we think I am happy and cheerful even after long working hour, our mood will be cheerful and anything we see will convey us a happy message and will boost us up.

The thinking process is much difficult to control but one can master it by practicing and learning things to make mind work for you. The more you learn, more the mind develops and its capacity to think increases.

Develop your mind to be silent and calm. The mind shouts out many thoughts and disturbs our normal routine. We can't control the thought process but we can set priorities. Thoughts that disturb us should be set aside and other thought should be kept in the mind for small period of time.

To develop a peaceful, calm and happy mind. Try to keep the mind in the neutral state (not thinking anything) for at least 15 minutes a day. Also meditate every day and increase the meditation time regularly.

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