7 Low Carb Pizza Recipes That Taste Like The Real Deal!

by Unsplash
by Unsplash

There’s something super comforting about the taste of pizza. Maybe it’s the delicious (and classic) combination of cheese, tomato and dough that make it so irresistible.

The only problem is – pizza is absolutely brimming with carbs  – coming from the dough in the base (unless you opt for a pre-packed low-carb pizza crust) and the often sugary pizza sauces.

If you’d like to satisfy your pizza cravings without the guilt, check out these low-carb pizza recipes from around the web.

Low-Carb Pizza Pepperoni Cups

Source: A Spicy Perspective

These low-carb pizza cups look like mouthfuls of deliciousness! They’re quick and easy to make – and serve as a great tasting low-carb breakfast recipe! The recipe from A Spicy Perspective calls for just 5 ingredients, but you could make them as elaborate or as simple as you like.

Crock Pot Crustless Pizza

Source: Recipes That Crock

If you’re all about pizza toppings (and not so much about that base), then this crock pot crustless pizza is definitely one to try. Use a low-carb pizza sauce, or make your own to make it super keto-friendly. Get the full recipe from Recipes That Crock.

Low-carb Pizza Sauce

Source: What’s That Smell?

Since we just mentioned making your own low-carb pizza sauce, here’s a recipe for you to do just that! This delicious sauce from What’s That Smell? contains a ton of herbs and spices to pack a flavourful punch, without the added sugar.

The Best Low-Carb Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe

Source: Gimme Delicious Food

This really does look like the best cauliflower base! Light and crispy, with plenty of topping – it’s a keto pizza lovers dream. Check out the full recipe over at Gimme Delicious Food for step-by-step instructions on how to make this awesome low-carb substitute.

Low Carb Courgette Pizza

Source: Wholeheartedly Healthy

If a cauliflower crust isn’t your thing, then why not try this low-carb courgette (zucchini) pizza crust from Wholeheartedly Healthy? The recipe calls for mild cheddar, but we think substituting this for mature cheddar and a little parmesan would give this some added zing!

Keto Pizza Dip

Source: Keto Connect

This easy pizza dip from Keto Connect is a delicious twist on the classic pizza recipe. It combined sour cream, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, pizza sauce and pepperoni and is perfect for dipping veggies or your favorite low-carb bread into.

Low-carb Pizza Crackers

Source: A Girl Worth Saving

These low carb pizza crackers make up with crunch what they lack in crust! The full recipe from A Girl Worth Saving is pretty simple and easy, using just two ingredients – cheese and pepperoni. Perfect to whip up for a quick snack when those pizza cravings hit.

Do you have a low-carb pizza recipe that you’d like to share? Or maybe you have a helpful tip for creating the perfect low-carb pizza base?

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