Self Harming Is Not A Joke

Well hi! Okay so, I am going to be completely honest and say this is my first time doing something like this and it's pretty nerve racking but anyway I am here to write about why self harming isn't a joke. People believe others hurt themselves for attention, yes that maybe true, but it's also a cry for help. As a person who self harms I know what it's like to want help from someone to prove that they care but it's also something you get used to. If you ever look down at your skin and don't see any fresh cuts on your skin the first damn thing you want to do is immediately cut it. You get so used to it and it's like a drug addict and not having any sort of drugs in a couple of days, if you don't keep doing it, being addicted makes you afraid of what will happen if you don't keep doing it. Once you get better and stop harming yourself it is most definitely going to take time, you're going to have to learn how to live without harming yourself, you've got to get rid of all the toxic things and people in your life in order to become better. None of this is easy, I'm not saying it is but people judging us for the stuff we do to our skin needs to stop.