Becoming a younique presenter

This may or may not be for you………

However, I believe I have something valuable for somebody. I'll keep sharing this opportunity until I find her, because I know when I do, it will change her life. 💜

She's likely feeing lost and needs to find herself again.

Maybe she's a mum who's struggling with leaving her babies every morning just to come home, make dinner, and tuck them into bed.

Maybe she's a stay at home mom who at the end of the day, after pouring into her kids and family, would love someone to tell her how awesome she is.

Maybe she longs for a chance to make an impact, but hasn't found how.

Maybe she scrolls Facebook reading everyone else's success stories, and wants to write one of her own.

Maybe she's robbing Peter to pay Paul and is stressing about how to buy the next box of nappies or put food on the table.

Maybe she needs a group of girlfriends who have her back and a sense of belonging.

Maybe she's lying in bed at night dreaming of what it would be like to take a chance on herself and succeed.

Maybe she's just ready for change.

Maybe she will meet hundreds of other women who had the same story, but because of a kit of makeup and a decision to try, they are rewriting the ending.

It's probably not for you, but maybe, just maybe it is.

Maybe you need to run with me.

Maybe we can change some lives together.

Let's make this month a month to remember. ❤️