The G.O.A.T of G.O.A.Ts

What does G.O.A.T mean? We're not talking about physical goats, we are talking about the acronym: G.O.A.T or the Greatest Of All Time. This acronym is mostly used in Sports to refer to the best ever, but it can also be applied equally to music, radio, TV, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, etc.

Let's imagine that we are focusing primarily on the G.O.A.T in Sports. Because each Sport is completely different, we can't just say that there is only one G.O.A.T in Sports, or a G.O.A.T of G.O.A.Ts so to speak, so each Sport must have its own G.O.A.T.

What makes a sports person or athlete the G.O.A.T ?

Note: the best player right now, does not necessarily mean they are the G.O.A.T, nor does that put them even in the G.O.A.T category.

The 5 basic principles that the G.O.A.T is based on:

1)Excellence- Brilliance and competitive, plays hard, leaves every gave, possession, down, or meet with everything left on the table. Strives to outdo themselves and others.

2)Results- Not just winning a few times, but consistently winning, dominating the industry, tournaments and the world.

3)Attitude- Excellent, positive attitude that pushes them to achieve greatness and motivates their team mates and others to be better and play harder.

4) Professionalism- Not only a professional athlete on and off the court, field, track or course, they know how to win and lose with dignity.

5) Career Longevity- A long, successful career, over many years, or decades.