The Steps Epson Surecolor F7200 and F9200 Cap Cleaning Maintenance

by Anuradha Gokhale
by Anuradha Gokhale

Proper maintenance is vital to maintaining your printer's image quality and long-term reliability. There are two different maintenance kits one for cleaning the print-head surface and wipers and the other for cleaning the print-head parking caps.

In this post we will cover the steps to clean the parking caps.

You'll need a cap cleaning kit which contains two plastic gloves, a cap cleaning liquid, a plastic cup, 50 wide cleaning sticks, 25 narrow cleaning sticks and two droppers.

Be careful not to mix the contents of the kit with the contents of a different type of kit. Make sure that you're using the correct cleaning fluid that can be identified as clear liquid with a black label on the bottle.

Start at the printers control panel and press the Maintenance button, then select Head Maintenance and press OK. The head will move to the left away from the capping station.

Open the right side cover to access the capping station area. Using a new narrow cleaning stick that is dry, wipe the ink from around the caps and the guide sections.

Open the cap cleaning fluid bottle and pour about 5 millilitres of fluid in the cup.

Fill the dropper with fluid from the cup.

Apply some of drops of cap cleaning fluid to each of the four parking caps, fully filling the interior with liquid.

Do not put any fluid in the maintenance cap to the far left.

Allow the liquid time to briefly soak in.

Use a fresh wide cleaning stick that is dried to soak up the cap cleaning liquid from the parking caps.

Use a second wide cleaning stick to remove the remainder of the cap cleaning liquid by moving gently back and forth.

In this way you can complete Cleaning of Epson Surecolor F7200 and F9200 Cap.

Close the right side cover and press OK button on the control panel twice to return to normal operation. It's recommended to clean the parking caps weekly as part of your printer’s regular maintenance activities

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