Growing up digital: educating from a box

Do the teachers get any say anymore?
Do the teachers get any say anymore?

I personally find that it is so unsociable and barely useful for children to be taught in this day and age. We all know that as technology has grown, we are becoming more and more reliant on digital devices may that be laptops, phones or the television, we are always switched on! What happened to the old fashioned pen and paper?

I am only 20 years old, so i have grown up through the fast pace of digital learning, but that doesn't mean to say that is how i want to learn, this is how it HAS to be now. I am currently finishing up my second year at university studying psychology and counselling, and even from starting secondary school to now, there is a massive change in learning styles.
At primary school it was all about getting involved, taking part and learning through DOING, which is the way which i find most enjoyable and the easiest to grasp; after all you wouldn't study how to do your job would you? you just do it, and learn through trial and error.
Secondary school began to get more 'technified' however by using computers regularly and even ipads to do work on; which I hated. I thought it was getting bad then but NOW…. my mind is totally blown at the amount of digital dependence we have throughout education. No wonder children are becoming obese, no wonder more of them have bad eyesight, its the constant screening that is the issue, and schools are just encouraging it. Sure the internet has so much to offer in the world of teaching but why not let the teachers find that information and show it to the children.

As children are using the internet at such a young age now, has anyone realised that even babies as young as 2 years old can fully understand how to use a mobile phone for gaming, calling and watching youtube videos, crazy! Also it isnt safe for children on the internet, I know it can be hard to stop them doing what their friends are all doing and they want to fit in with the crowd and parents may not even know what their children are doing on the internet but… facebook is not a good place for a 10 year old girl to be socializing.

I wonder what everyone else' views are on this subject… SL.