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I stand staring at the 2 metre cubed wooden grope box. I'm fascinated by the randomly sized yet strategically placed holes. I move closer, bending to look through one. Naked costumed men & women tightly throng near the openings. Mmmm. I put my right hand through and touch bare skin. Curves of leg and buttock. I stretch, sliding my hand up a man's back. Strong muscly shoulders. He turns, moving under my touch, letting me feel him. His willingness is turning me on. Slightly hairy, firm chest. I let my hand slowly fall. Tight stomach. A flaccid cock. I stroke. I hold. I feel. Movement. Response. Growth… No longer a flaccid cock I hold in my hand. My breathing quickens. I'm excited. Instantly my desire to pleasure this stranger consumes me.

My hand caresses with slow, gentle, purposeful touch. I stroke up and down. Occasionally I use a firm still grip, pulsing my hand slightly to tease. The more I touch, the more he grows. What an unexpected size. I use the lightest of fingertip touches around his helmet. Letting my nails rake gently down his length. I play a moment with his shaven balls, then gently teasingly tug on the small tuft of hair above his cock. He responds by moving closer to the hole. What a bonus! Now I can reach him better. I'm quite tempted to bend down and take him in my mouth but I resist this temptation. If I bend over, my skirt will not be long enough. My spiderweb crotchless panties will flaunt my naked horny wet pussy. I don't feel like getting taken from behind by any of the interested people watching me.

I experiment with my touch. He definitely responds to slow deliberate rhythm. I grip him quite firmly, yet not tight. My hand moves up and down his rigid shaft. I am secretly wanting to ride him, wishing my hand were my aching pussy. I move closer to the box, wondering if it's possible to use this hole as a glory hole for him to fuck me through. My nipples are erect and exposed through the mesh of my spiderweb bra. I use the corner of the box to rub my nipple against. My left hand is rubbing my clit. My right hand begins to get faster as I get hornier. He is soaking my hand with his excitement which is a real turn on. I use his pre-cum as lube to slide my hand, momentarily, very fast, up and down his rod without his skin moving. I feel his knees give way slightly and his cock expand. I resume my previous firm but gentle hold somewhat faster now. I know he is getting close.

I feel his excitement as my own. Now instead of getting faster and faster as I might usually have done I let my grip tighten very slightly. I slow it down while exaggerating the rhythm, using a jerking movement of my wrist at top and bottom of the stroke. Oh its such a hot thing for me to do this to a guy. I'm almost cumming myself as I feel his knees give way. His weight falls forward against the box, squirting his ecstasy with the jerks of my strokes. My hand is covered in his orgasmic release. I continue small squeezes and some 'cool down' strokes as he recovers himself. He stands up again. He touches my arm with a gentle squeeze by way of a thank you. I withdraw my hand fumbling in my bumbag with my left hand looking for a wipe. I eventually find one, and stand cleaning my hands.

I contemplate for just a moment, but I'm so horny now, I rapidly decide to find a way in to this pleasure cube. I walk round to one side, fingers fumbling for a door. At last my fingers find an opening. The whole of the side opens as an entrance. I step up into the box. Its dark and humid inside. Shafts of light coming through the grope holes give enough light to see by. It smells horny. Hot bodies dripping with need.

Now I'm inside I feel someone reach out and touch me, stroking hands up my thighs, then finding my slippery crevice. God how I ache with desire. I lunge forward reflexively onto the fingers exploring me, impaling myself deliciously. Before I know it, I feel the strong body of the man attached to the hand, behind me cradling me with his other arm. He gently whispers in my ear,

“It's your turn now. I can feel how much you need this.” as he guides me towards one of the walls. I lean my hands against the wood, bending forwards. My tits are now in reach of one of the 'holes' in the wall. I have my legs open making a large arch. He removes his fingers from my horny pussy. He squats down in front of me. He nuzzles my clit with his nose as he fucks me with pointed tongue. Suddenly he flicks up across my bud, making me buck, and moan out load.

The moan attracted attention. Hands start stroking across my back, then down my legs. Their fingers are searching for my pussy. When they find it is being pleasured already, they turn their attention to my arse. They bend down and start gently rimming me. My stomach rolls with a mixture of nerves and excitement. I try to turn to see who is giving me such excellent treatment, but its too dark. I give up trying. I decide to just go with whatever comes my way.

A hand reaches through the hole and fondles my breast. With nails like that, I instantly know its a woman. Thats horny. The guy in front is expertly licking and flicking my clit, intermittently finger fucking me at the same time. It's really getting me off. The person behind me is giving me some serious tongue. Then I feel fingers probing my arse hole. Oh god. I'm getting really close to cumming.

As if they can both sense that, without warning, first one stands, then the other. I'm confused. Then they lift me up between them on a count of three! As I slide down onto the front guy's rigid cock, I let out a guttural moan.

As I'm being bumped up and down on this delicious rod, I feel a pressure against my arse. Before I can even think about it the pressure slightly gives way, and a wave of curdling pleasure rips though me, as another lubed cock enters me. They rock me back and forth on their pleasure tools, from one to the other, as I cum hard around them, screaming with delight.“S'great. Oh yeah. Keep going, more… more..” I utter, as they continue to rock me to and fro on one then the other cock filling my body.

A hand reaches through a hole from outside, feeling about for anyone. She finds the three of us. She explores, realising whats happening, she lets her fingers rest on the cock going in & out of my pussy. She is squeezing him. I can feel him growing bigger. Then she changes to rubbing my clit. I'm already so far gone, thats all it takes before I'm bucking, cumming against her hand. The dick in my arse is almost too much now. The two guys calm down a bit momentarily. As they start moving me again, their motion changes to up and down. Rather than feel one then the other enter me, I now feel both together. This is a new twist. It makes me feel very full. My excitement is immense.

I feel another orgasm building deep within me. I moan,

“Yeah, yeah, oh yeah…. I'm gonna cum!” As this leaves my mouth, I feel my guys cocks thicken.

We all cum within seconds of each other. How lovely. It was all very unexpected but lovely.

They lift me off them, letting me down onto the floor. Wow. Wicked box.

I pull both guys towards me, and kiss them in a three way kiss. We tousle each others hair as we kiss a long passionate kiss.

I open my eyes. I see all the paper work on my desk. Reality hits. I look at the clock, realising my lunch break is almost over. I'm still stroking my sopping spasming pussy, after the biggest orgasm I've had in a while. Aren't fantasies great! I swivel gently on my black leather office chair, retrieving my fingers, tasting them languidly, thinking that there are perks to having one's own office.

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