IVF Treatment and physiological behavior in India.

Infertility in India is rapidly increasing due to late marriage, work pressure, environmental reason and other health related reasons.

In Indian society, a person hesitates to speak about infertility. Especially women face big challenges. Due to that they don't get physiological support from society.

The cost of treatment is high at private hospitals. The cost of treatment is relatively cheaper at Government hospitals. But in the Govt hospitals, treatment duration is long.

The good Govt Hospitals in Delhi for IVF is : AIIMS and Lady Irvin Hospital.

For the service class patients, especially in private sectors taking leave is a challenge. Sometime they lose their jobs.

The Insurance companies don't cover the IVF treatment.

Overall the couples facing IVF treatment in India are in big physiological and financial stress.
If we would not realise this problem, it will become uncontrollable over the time.

So let’s think! How can we help them?