"Dimension, with a poignant reminder of the broken bonds."

Unfortunately, I'm living in a different dimension.

Dimension, where some days hit me as so strange that I don’t talk to you, anymore.

There are moments when sometime reminds me of you and I want to let you know, but so much time has passed that contacting you would be weird.

See through how far we're since those carefree days.

But, how did we end up here? How did we go from being best friends to practically strangers?

Dimension, in which I never meant to lose you, but it just kinda happened. There were choices that led us all in different directions. Some of these choices may have been conscious decisions to let go of our friendship and others may have led to our unintentional drifting apart. Some already had all the signs of separation showing before high school ended and some occurred unexpectedly as we progressed through college.

Dimension, in which your life is foreign to me. I no longer know what’s going on in it, and I really wish things were different. But life happened and we drifted apart without really realizing, and now the gap may be just too big to bridge.

Given the chance, I’d love to have you back in my life; I miss being around you. Unfortunately, we’re all so busy and living such different lives, that I don’t know if this is a reality anymore.

I keep a check on your Snapchat stories and hear from other friends, and I can tell you are doing amazing things with your life.

I hope you’re proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far, because I know I am. Even though our lives don’t overlap anymore, I’m sure you’ve had your share of struggles and successes.

Dimension, where I came to a realisation that life had different plans for us than we planned for as children. Now I’m mature enough to know we can’t keep everyone we would like to in our lives.

But little things remind me of you and I’ll think of you at the most random of times.

I did this stuff as much for you as I did for me. Maybe, like me, you think too much time has passed, that it would be strange to reach out after all this time.

I hope this dimensional script will help giving you the words and the courage you have been searching for.

And who knows, maybe some of those friends I lost along the way, feel the very same way.