The Day & Life of the Past, Present, & Future

There was once a woman named Armani Teyanna Milligan. She was a 19 year old mother as well as Full-Time college student, Armani was the kind of girl who was quiet, very anti-social or just a very introvert human being. Armani observed the people that were around her before she could start a conversation, She never really tried to make friends anymore as she grew older, She had realized that she lost more people in her life as her goals, and path of life continuously changed. Armani had experienced numerous kinds of trauma throughout her past life as a adolescent/minority. At the age of 4 years old she was well aware of a lot of things, Armani's mother Latisha Tre'mae Milligan was not so much present in her life from the age of 4 years old and up. Her mom had experienced numerous kinds of trauma in her life causing her to vanish from time to time or never seeing and hearing from her at all. At age 4 Armani Teyanna Milligan had been molested as well as raped by very close friends and family of hers and her mother, Anytime she would bring it up to a close relative she was always told to not worry about it and move on with her life, Armani had to experience verbal abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse and emotional abuse while growing up. She had been depressed and hurt for so many years that it caused her to resent her own family, As she became older she then realized that she could no longer be apart of her own family because they weren't trustworthy nor supportive, They always had something bad to say about her behind her back all the time but never acknowledge any of her accomplishments or things that she decided to change about herself to make her life more smooth and easy to maneuver. Armani had to struggle with pain and hurt from family the most, It was to the point where she was happy that she had been sexually abused an physically abused and more . She has a son who is 5 years old and his name is Tre'mar Lashon Milligian, He was conceived through statutory rape, Instead of getting an abortion she decided to keep him, She knew that it wouldn't be easy but it would be worth risking. Armani never let anything get in her way, she always pushed to be better and to become better, keeping her son put her in a better environment than what she grew up in and giving her the chance to start somewhat a new beginning to reach her goals, of course people judged her when they first heard she have had a son at the age of 14, but then when they heard her testimony and listened to he speak about who she was as an individual they become shocked or in tears as to how far she has come and how she have made it through so many of her storms, Of course there where people who tried to take her child away from her but she continued to fight, she didn't let anything get in her way, Armani took care of her son to the best of her ability, even though she was in a group home for 6 months, she still managed to graduate from high-school, but instead of graduating with her class she graduated a semester early, then she began college to obtain her associates degree a semester afterwards, she wanted to show her son the right way to live life and she knew that she couldn't do that by telling him so instead she just shows him, she has had numerous jobs and numerous amount of cars, she has been at the top and at the bottom, she has been hurt by so many people, rather it was a relationship, friendship or family she still managed to push through it all, she is continuing her education to receive her bachelors of science to become a healthcare manager, and hopefully there is more yet to come.