The 4 Top Tips You Need to Know Before Buying Workwear

by Pete Scully
by Pete Scully

Whether you’re kitting out your employees with fancy new workwear or upgrading your uniforms which are in dire need of a revamp, you need to know about these 4 top tips which will help you to make the most of your budget, boost employee morale and stop you from making any fashion faux pas.

Consistency is Key

Depending on the sector you work within, your employees may be the first point of contact for customers and clients, so first impressions count. Whilst we try to avoid judging a book by its cover, many will judge a business based on the appearance of employees, which makes it extremely important for your business to present itself in a professional way, and uniforms do a great job of doing just this!

Your uniforms should match your brand aesthetic, so make sure that you choose fonts and colours for your embroidered workwear that compliment your distinct brand image. Consistency across the board will help your business look more professional, and will in turn instil a sense of trust in both current and prospective clients. Embroidering uniforms with your company logo or even employee names will also give an extra special touch.

Ditch the ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach

Sure, your uniforms need to look smart and professional, but they also need to be practical and reflect the industry you work within. Some employees may benefit from uniforms that feature handy pockets, knee pads or reflective strips, so make sure you purchase workwear that is practical and aids your employees when working. If you take a ‘one size fits all’ approach by purchasing generic workwear that is not optimised for use in a certain sector, then employees may be reluctant to wear their uniforms.

Try Before You Buy

Before buying new workwear, you need to consult your employees and find out what styles, colours and designs they would like to wear. When your employees feel confident about what they’re wearing, they are more likely to perform tasks to the best of their ability which will result in a more efficient workplace. Get a few samples for employees to try before you commit to buying, this way you won’t end up wasting money on uniforms that your staff don’t love.

When ordering samples for your employees to try out, you can determine the quality of the garments. Remember, if you want your business to appear professional and your employees smart, then it may be worth investing a little more in top-quality staff uniforms that are supplied by a trusted manufacturer.

Buy in Bulk

In order to save spending a small fortune on new uniforms for your employees, buy in bulk. Suppliers tend to give a generous discount for those who order in large quantities. It might even be worth purchasing a few back-up uniforms or safety footwear in various different styles and sizes in case any get damaged beyond repair, and if your business decides to expand in the coming years and take on new members of staff, then you already have uniforms readily available.

Now that you know the 4 top tips for buying workwear, all that’s left to do is place your order and your employees are sure to be looking tip-top from head to toe in no time!

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