How to Cancel your Subscription to Streaming Services without Fretting?

by Sean Williamson
by Sean Williamson

Cutting the cable might have been an exhilarating experience for you, no doubt. But, I bet you didn’t anticipate the costs your over-reliance on the internet service would bring you, right? It hit your pocket with an unpredictable force in the form of those auto-generated bills. So, now, you’re looking for a way out.

Houston, we have a problem.

At first, subscribing to the multiple online streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, DirecTV Now or PlayStation VUE might’ve seemed like a wonderful idea, I’m sure. Each service offering a multi-channel entertainment vortex, a free-trial opportunity, zero equipment rental fee and none of those unsavory contracts. All the amenities any modern, thrifty consumer would desire. I get it.

However, given the recent blows to your budget, you’re now forced to search around for that ‘cancel membership’ option, which has not been an easy one to find.

This is where the present article comes in as your knight in shining armor. Read on to find out how you can unhinge yourself from these gargantuan streaming services without having to break a sweat.

Amazon Prime

The quickest way to cancel Amazon Prime’s subscription is by going to the help page, accessing the ‘Amazon Prime Membership’ menu, and clicking on ‘End Membership’. The longer way would be to open Amazon through the browser, log in, hover over ‘Accounts & Lists’, find ‘Your Prime Membership’, scroll through the benefits you’d be giving up (Prime is adamant in retaining its customers), and ‘End Membership & Benefits’ from there. One tip you need to keep in mind is that Amazon will refund your full membership fee only if you haven’t made any eligible purchases or taken advantage of the Prime benefits since your latest fee charge. This way you’ll not go away empty-handed.


The first step to canceling any service is retracing how you first subscribed to it. If you contacted the company directly, then this is what you can do. Turn on your computer, head over to the browser over your reliable Mediacom internet connection, open the settings of your Netflix account, search for the ‘cancel’ button and click it. Easy, right? However, if you acquired your membership over a third-party channel, like Amazon, Google Play or iTunes, some extra measures will be required. In case of iTunes, go your iPhone’s settings and the main app store. Open your Apple ID, retype the password, scroll to the end of the menu where ‘Subscriptions’ appears, click on it and you’ll find a list. Once there, edit Netflix and ‘cancel’ it. Though this is a remarkably convenient television service, yet its current announcement of price hikes is enough to turn anyone off.


The best thing about Roku is that you can cancel it directly from your TV, as the streamer will let you do this. Press the ‘Home’ button on the Roku remote, select ‘Manage Subscription’ and cancel it. If you want to remove the paid channels, you can do that from the ‘Channel Store’ list. You can cancel from the browser and the smartphone app too, by signing in to your account and managing the subscription from there.


There are two ways you can go about it. Either you can ‘cancel’ your subscription or ‘delete’ it. Canceling will temporarily disable your service and give you the option of reactivating your account any time you’d want to. Simply head over to, log in, select ‘Account’, scroll to the bottom and opt ‘Cancel.’ If you are using android, go to the app to cancel, and in case of iPhone, Apple ID and ‘subscriptions’ menu will take you there. Deleting, however, will completely wipe out any chances of a future resurrection, meaning, you’d have to start from scratch the next time you plan to make an account. For this, go to ‘Account’, select ‘Personal Info.’, choose ‘Update’ and then ‘Delete’.

In case the streamer doesn’t show you the ‘cancel’ option or the streaming service’s site gets too confusing, then you can simply dial in the customer support and terminate your subscriptions from there. Just like the old times. Remain firm, use reason for negotiating and maintain a calm tone.

So, backing out of your ‘cutting the cord’ commitments might take some effort and guts, but it’s totally doable as the aforementioned methods show.