Write Better, Reach Further: Improve Your Writing Skills to Attract More Readers


1. Know Your Audience

As you begin your journey as a writer, do not forget the most important element: your target audience. Try to gather as much information about your preferred target group and create a persona/avatar for this group. Figure out what will resonate with them and what type of content appeals to them. Are they more likely to respond to emotional or logical appeal? This will ensure a more personal connection between you and your reader.

2. Formulate a Working Title

Before you dive into the nitty gritty of your article, define a broad topic and working title that encompasses the essence of what you aim to bring across to your audience.

3. Organize Your Content

In the excitement of trying to cover everything in your article, you may lose focus and end up with a messy and formless piece. So always have a broad outline of all the points you want to cover. Start with what you want to cover in your introduction, 2 -3 main points and an impactful ending. I always write a couple of sentences for each part so that I can expand on it later.


Now that you have settled you working title and outline, you can finally begin to expand on all your points. Remember to avoid unnecessary jargon and be as concise as possible. Everyone loves an easy read that does not make them question their intellect.

Remember: Know your audience so you can tailor your content specifically to them. If you are writing for an audience that is familiar with technical jargon, then feel free to use those words. If you intend to bring across technical know-hows to the layman, you should avoid using unnecessary complex jargon.

5. Check!

Always proofread your article to check if you have missed out on any salient points. Proofreading also ensures that you avoid making any pesky grammatical errors. Sometimes, reading your article repeatedly can be quite frustrating. So, sleep over it and read it again the next day with a fresh new perspective. You may feel free to ask your friends to help you check through your article. I am sure they will be happy to provide their input!

The process is as important as the outcome. So remember to have fun and be true to yourself!

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