Dating in LA is the Worst

Who here can relate to these hilariously accurate dating one-liners? Do you have any other terrible pick-up lines you would like to share? Or perhaps you want to tag a friend that's infamous for having the worst “game” ever. Do it!

“I live in Echo Park”.
“I live in Venice…that's like 90 minutes in rush hour.”
“It was nice meeting you.”

HelLA is the brainchild of LA native, Rory Uphold. Before She could legally rent a car, Rory had a dermatologist suggest “Prevention Botox”. She’s been “Fifteen Minutes Late” her whole life and based on the amount of parking tickets she’s paid off, Rory’s pretty sure she owns a piece of Sunset Blvd. Regardless, she wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. This is her love/hate letter to the city she calls home.

This article was originally published on ilovela