Clippers On The Way Out?

by Eric Broder Van Dyke
by Eric Broder Van Dyke

According to NBA sources, Los Angeles Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer has narrowed down his quest to find a new home for the 'Lob-City' squad to six possible destinations.

Since taking over from the controversial Donald Sterling, there has been incessant speculation about Ballmer's intent to possibly move the Clippers out of California; Seattle has been at the centre of a lot of these rumours as a potential landing spot, but with these recent developments it seems there's no reason to believe the former Microsoft CEO is trying to move the team away from Southern California.

Now, we're of the belief that Los Angeles always has been and, despite a string of terrible seasons, always will be a Laker town. However, we would hate to see the Los Angeles Clippers leave our city. So hopefully the Clips can find an arena where they are the primary occupant and develop a fan base they deserve!

How do you guys feel about the latest Clipper rumours?

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