10 Things That Happen When You Move To LA

Let's Move To LA

Living in LA for many people around the world must seem like a unattainable far-fetched dream. However, for many thousands of others this seemingly unreal step actually became reality. These newly adopted Angelenos get confronted with some of LA's most amazing facets, but they surely get their dose of Los Angeles' “quirky” side as well. 

Here's a list of 10 things that will surely happen when you first move to LA:

1. You will quickly learn that it takes an hour to get anywhere in town. Even if you're only trying to go 2 miles.

The 405 grind

2. You will soon feel (peer-)pressured into buying at the local Farmers' Market, because your friends will judge you otherwise. 

Farmers Market

3. You likely won't become a vegetarian or vegan, but you'll eat vegetarian or vegan simply because there's so many good veg places to eat!

Vegan Burgers

4. You won't be going to the (seriously amazing) beach nearly as much as you imagined.

Los Angeles Beaches

5. You will soon realize having friends on the “other” side of town is pretty much the same as having friends on the other side of the country. Again, damn traffic!

Sad Friends

6. You will end up driving to Mexico, where you spend the weekend getting hammered, eating epic food, and pretending you speak Spanish.

Americans Visit Mexico

7. You'll start using the word “awesome” an irrational amount of times. 

Department Of Awesome

8. You will annoy your non-LA friends by putting “the” in front of every freeway e.g. The 405, The 101, etc..

"The" 405

9. You will absolutely love the weather. But then, slowly but surely, you will start missing actual seasons.

Californian Christmas

10. You will undoubtedly turn into a weather snob; meaning you will become one of those LA people that will put on an artic-proof beanie, sweater, scarf and more when the temperature drops below 71 degrees. Embrace it!

Hot And Cold Seasons

Who here has lived in LA their whole life? Who moved here recently? Where from? What are some of your experiences adapting to LA life? Let us know in the comment section or on Facebook!

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