5 Common Issues Most Bloggers Encounter

So you’ve mustered up all your courage and motivation to finally do it; you’re finally going to start that blog you have always wanted! After weeks and weeks of brainstorming, coming up with creative ideas, and ways to promote your brainchild, you finally start producing dynamic content for your blog.

Now, before you set out on the path to becoming the web’s hottest new blogger, however, let me walk you identify, gear up for, and walk through a couple of very common obstacles beginning bloggers are confronted with.

Frustrated Blogger
Frustrated Blogger

1. Struggling To Monetize Your Content

Unless you’re the type of blogger that simply wants to blog just for blogging’s sake, there is a good chance you want to eventually generate some sort of profit from your blog, either directly or indirectly.

Will your team of contributors, photographers, and other (guest) bloggers continue to create free content for you in the long run? Perhaps. However, and not to sound too negative, it’s more than likely your team members will eventually become demoralized if all their hard work remains unrewarded.

Monetizing your content, whether through ad sales, premium content, product sales or other means, is vitally important to your blog’s success.

It allows you to incentivize the people that help you consistently come up with quality content, keeps your team motivated, and most importantly enables you to supplement your income.

Struggling Blogger

2. Blogging Is Very Time-Consuming

Blogging success is not going to be built overnight. Ever. It’s going to take a lot of effort, dedication, creativity, …and time. Your blog’s traction and success will largely depend on your consistency. You will need to stick to a publishing schedule (for example every Monday and Thursday), which will have your readers expect new content from you.

Furthermore, your promotional efforts also needs to reflect that same consistency. When people continue to see your articles promoted on specific social media outlets again and again, you will start to be considered a leading source within your industry.

Of course, that consistency goes out of the window if your content is lacking in quality. Spend adequate time doing your research, and coming up with the actual blogs as quality blog posts are the ‘easiest’, and most effective way to convert a visitor into a returning fan.

This is where lots of bloggers run into time-management issues, as they attempt to combine a full-time job with their blogging efforts. What started out as a fun, creative hobby can quickly devolve into a dreaded ‘chore’ with minimal ROI if not approached correctly.

Tired Blogger

3. Lacking Collaborative Blogging Tools

Let’s assume you decided to start a group blog and were wildly prepared at the initial planning stages of your blog. You motivate a handful of like-minded friends, people, and/or (aspiring) bloggers to help you create content to publish on a new blog.

Even though this step is certainly worth your while, as it will decrease the pressure on just one person to develop content, there is a good chance you will be confronted with the lack of collaborative tools on most blogging platforms.

You want to be able to focus on being creative, rather than coming up with logistical solutions to manage your team’s emails filled with large video files, high-quality images, and written articles that are saved in a variety of different formats.

Your (and your team’s) inbox will become an outright battlefield of chaos, which will, in turn, severely limit your already scarce time resources.

Group of Bloggers

4. Failing To Create Repeat Visitors

Before you set out to (try to) become the web’s hottest new blogger, you use your personal Facebook to build up your blog’s new Facebook account, as well as drive traffic to the content you just published on the blog.

Initially you’ll be stoked with the results, as your friends, but also your mom, dad, and uncle Joe use their limited social media skills to share and promote your new project.

After a while, however, your personal network runs out of contacts and the amount of eyeballs you’re directing from Facebook to your content suddenly seems to stagnate, despite the seemingly quality articles you spend countless hours coming up with.

For new bloggers this is undeniably one of the most discouraging and demoralizing problems in the early stages, and is more than likely the main reason many motivated bloggers eventually end up giving up on their blog.

Then there are also those that experience solid traffic to their website in the early stages of the launch, but fail to develop repeat visitors, which is absolutely crucial in the blog’s long-term success.

Declining blogger

5. Targeting Every Demographic; Not The Right Demographic

Lastly, and I think lots of people underestimate this point, is the importance of choosing a strong niche. One of the absolute most common blunders bloggers make is trying to reach everybody. It might sound alluring to try and capture two, three, even four different demographics with your content, but lots of time is wasted this way.

To illustrate: a fitness blogger is probably mostly focused on specific workouts, and in most cases, some nutritional (meal prep ftw!) advice and inspirational blog posts. This particular blogger should invest his or her time creating content about the latest NBA trades, the UEFA Champions League final match, or cute little puppies.

This doesn’t mean the blogger is limiting their success, per se; it just means the blogger’s topics are more specific and informative to a smaller group of people who will be far more passionate and like-minded making for a better community!

Niche Focus

What are some of your biggest obstacles as a blogger? Or maybe you’ve built up a successful blog, but had to deal with some of these issues initially? Perhaps there are some things (feature request, limitations, etc.) about your current blog you would like to share with us?

Let us know in the comment section below and make sure to connect with us on our social media channels.

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