Treatment Options for Back Pain

by Sarah Williams
by Sarah Williams

Pain is usually a symptom of a bigger problem in our body. It could be either because we are injured in that part or it could be a consequence of another ailment. Back pain is quite common among people but the reasons behind it may not be. There can be several treatment options for back pain. But these will mainly depend on the diagnosis of the problem. The treatment of the root cause which is causing the back pain as a symptom, is important if you want to root out the main ailment.

Here are some treatment options for back pain.

1. If a back pain is caused due to a muscle strain or stress on the back caused by lifting something heavy, sleeping in a wrong position or doing some strenuous exercise, then you can see a chiropractor for back pain. A chiropractor will be able to align your spine and reduce the strain and stress on your back, relieving you of pain.

2. Structural problems causing back pain like a ruptured disk, arthritis, osteoporosis and others, may need a longer treatment plan like surgery or medication. Depending on the extent of the problem and the diagnosis, your treatment plan for this may require more than just a chiropractor md.

3. Postural problems caused due to your poor posture habits while working on your laptop, sitting, running, exercising, may need regular exercise and efforts on your part on a daily basis to correct your posture.

4. There can be other reasons for a back pain like kidney stones, infections, tumours, sleep disorders etc. For this a spine doctor or a chiropractor for lower back pain **might not work. In such cases, the back pain is a symptom of a bigger problem so you will have to consult a separate specialist for each of these ailments.

Regular exercise, yoga or any form of physical activity that stretches the body muscles, will keep your spine active and your back relaxed. This will reduce the chances of your back getting stressed or strained due to physical exertion. Lifestyle changes causing stress, change in hormones, anxiety, depression etc. have also been known to cause back pain.

While it’s possible to get temporary relief from back pain with the help of medicines and pain killers, it’s extremely important that you address the root cause of your back pain. Treating the symptoms is not going to make the problem go away, so it’s important that you treat the problem itself to make the symptom go away.

Also, before taking any medicines for your back pain, you should consult your doctor. It’s important to be sure that any oral medication that you take shouldn’t worsen your condition or react with your other meds (if any).


It’s always best to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis of any physical or mental health ailment. Doctors will be able to put two and two together to identify the real cause of your back pain, instead of you just taking painkillers to stop the pain. You may be showing some other symptoms along with the back pain, pointing towards the real problem. Chiropractors are quite effective in treating back pain because they apply gentle pressure on the spine to release it of any tension or stress. So if you suffer from back pain, you might also want to consult a chiropractor for your problem. Don’t rule out the possibility of non- medicated treatment methods to be successful in treating your back pain.