Sherwani Trends Catching on Fast like a Wildfire!

by Sarah Williams
by Sarah Williams

Wedding seasons keep popping up throughout the year. Whether it is your wedding or your buddies wedding, you need to be ready. Women have options galore, but men are stuck with the suit (or so you think)! Well, no more! You now have the numerous kinds of sherwanis to choose from! Sounds exciting, right?

Finding men’s sherwani in London might seem like a difficult task, but the fact is that there are numerous reputed stores, with a wide collection of fabulous sherwanis. Look dapper at the wedding! Most feel that sherwanis are of a bygone era, but that is much farther from the actual truth. Each year brings with it some amazing trends of sherwani for men. Some perish away, while others catch on like wildfire.

Sherwani Trends that have Caught the Attention of Men around the Globe

Sherwanis exude a feeling of royalty, whatever edits you might make to the designs! Well, that is one of the reasons that make sherwani a topper in the list of choices for the modern man. Why stick to the white shirt and black suit to weddings? Add some colour to the wedding with the sherwani! Here are a few trends that caught on, or rather latched on and continue to stay popular:

1. The Traditional Royal Feel:

This is the perfect style for the groom. The groomsmen might use this look, but they will need to tone down on the royal feel. After all, the focal points are the groom and bride. Stealing their thunder could drive a wedge in your friendship. When you head over for this look, speak to the expert dressers at the shop, they will guide you to the perfect look. This look includes intricate patterns; an embellished dupatta and the actual fabric can be in a variety of bright colours like red, Prussian blue or even off-white. When, the fabric is of off-white, the embellishment is usually heavy!

2. The Elegant Beige Sherwani:

Most associate the colour beige with boring! Do not make the mistake of doing the same. Beige is classic Indian wedding attire colour, for men of course! It is one of the most elegant and timeless colours. The heavy embellishments in gold enhance the look of the sherwani and make you stand out in the crowd.

3. The Sherwani with a Tropical feel:

A tropical feel in the summers is always a welcome idea. So, why not incorporate that in your summer wedding party? Not only the theme, but even the sherwani you wear can be a take on the tropical feel. You could add some earthy palette of warm hues to your sherwani with dramatic accents.

4. Pastel Sherwanis:

Pastel hues offer a calm, but elegant feel to your sherwani! While the groom adorns a stylish red or beige sherwani, the groomsmen could always try on the pastel sherwani. It is a sophisticated look that contrasts well with the royal look of the groom!

An accessory that looks good with the sherwani is the pagdi or safa. There are many choices to pick from. The colours that you could pick from include:

  • Royal Blue
  • Bold Pink
  • Fun Multi-colours
  • Calming Pastels
  • Traditional Orange
  • Bright Yellow

The other additions to the sherwani that enhance your look include:


  1. Naagra/Jooti
  2. Brogues
  3. Moccasins
  4. Embellished Loafers
  5. Derby Shoes
  • Dupatta
  • Kilangi or Brooch
  • Pocket Square
  • Scarf

Now, you are ready to look regal and wow everyone at the wedding (your wedding or your buddy’s)! Just make sure you go to a reputed sherwani store. They will have it all for you. You could also go through their “Look book” to find the various styles and colours that they offer. The specialists will create a look that fits your build and body structure perfectly. Look dashing in your elegant and stylish sherwani!